Aptitude questions on Classification of numbers

In this set of questions we are going to cover Aptitude questions on “Classification of numbers.” This test consists of some good questions. This set of MCQ(multiple choice questions) focuses on the “Aptitude practice questions on Classification of numbers”

You should practice these questions to improve Aptitude skills needed for various interviews (like company interview, campus interview, walk-in interview), entrance exams, placements and other competitive exams. All the questions in this particular section are based on only “Classification of numbers“.

Instructions to be followed:-

  1. Read all the questions carefully.
  2. Out of the 4 given options for each questions, only ONE option will be correct.
  3. Choose the appropriate option.
  4. After attempting all the questions, click on “Finish” button to check the score.
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Aptitude MCQ Practice Set | Classification of numbers

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Aptitude questions – Classification of numbers

#1. Find the number which when multiplied by 14 is increased by 520:

#2. How many times 2 is used while writing the numbers from 1 to 100 ?

#3. Find the simplified fractional form of 2.33333.....

#4. The sum of the digits in a two-digit number is 6. If 18 is subtracted from the number, the result is the number with the digits reversed. The number is:

#5. If A = 2^64, B = 2^63 + 2^62 + 2^61 + … + 2^0 and C = 3^30 + 3^29 + 3^28 + … + 3^0, then which of the following option is TRUE?

#6. What is the fractional value of 0.0292929……

#7. The difference between the place value and the face value of 4 in the numeral 967452 is

#8. One-third of a 2 digit number exceeds its one-fifth by 8.What is the 2 digit number ?

#9. Which of the following can be used to illustrate that not all prime numbers are odd?

#10. If 1^2 + 2^2 + 3^2 +…... + 10^2 = 385, then find the value of 2^2 + 4^2 + 6^2 + ….. + 20^2

#11. The three rational numbers between 3 and 4 are:

#12. Five-eighth of three-tenth of four-ninth of a number is 55. What is the second multiple of that number?

#13. One-fifth of a number is equal to 5/8th of another number. If 35 is added to the first number, it becomes four times the second number. Find the first number.

#14. How many times 4 is written in numbers from 1 to 80?

#15. The sum of two numbers is 25 and their product is 144. What will be the sum of their reciprocals?

#16. Find difference between Place value and Face value of 4 in 4657.

#17. Three numbers such that twice the first, 3 times the second and 4 times the third together make 194. The numbers in question are:

#18. If (32)^2 - (18)^2 = 20 x a, then a = ?

#19. The smallest composite number is?

#20. The difference between the squares of two consecutive odd integers is always divisible by?




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