Conditional Sentences | English Grammar

Find out the correct alternative among the following Conditional sentences :

Conditional Sentences | Set-1

  1. If it ____ we shall go for a picnic.
    (a) rains (b) rain (c) rained (d) were rained
  2. If you march fast, you ____ catch the train.
    (a) might (b) would (c) would have (d) may
  3. If you ____ you will reach the station in time.
    (a) hurried (b) will hurry (c) are hurry (d) hurry
  4. If you ____ ice, it melts.
    (a) heats (b) heat (c) will heat (d) none
  5. If we pour oil on water, it ____.
    (a) floats (b) float (c) will float (d) would float
  6. If I won lottery, I ____ buy a car.
    (a) would (b) will (c) shall (d) may
  7. If you worked hard, you ____ pass.
    (a) may (b) will (c) would (d) shall
  8. If you ____ me tomorrow, I should talk to you in detail.
    (a) will meet (b) meet (c) would meet (d) met
  9. If I were rich, I ____ buy a car.
    (a) should (b) might (c) will (d) may
  10. If I ____ a bird, I should fly.
    (a) am (b) were (c) was (d) would
  11. If I were a teacher, I ____ never go there.
    (a) should (b) may (c) shall (d) will
  12. If he were the Prime Minister, he ____ solve this.
    (a) will have (b) shall have (c) would (d) will
  13. If you ____ hard, you will pass.
    (a) worked (b) work (c) would work (d) will work
  14. If I had worked hard last year, I ____ obtained good marks.
    (a) would (b) would have (c) shall have (d) will have
  15. If you ____ hard, you would pass.
    (a) will (b) shall (c) worked (d) work


  1. If they ____ well, they would have won the match.
    (a) had played (b) will play (c) would play (d) played
  2. If you had informed me earlier, I ____ received you at the bus stand.
    (a) will have (b) shall have (c) have (d) should have
  3. I wished I ____ his address.
    (a) know (b) knew (c) had known (d) will know
  4. He talked as if he ____ everything.
    (a) knew (b) know (c) will known (d) had known
  5. I wish, I ____ his address.
    (a) know (b) knew (c) will known (d) had known
  6. Suresh talks as if he ____ the Chief Minister.
    (a) was (b) were (c) will (d) will have
  7. If she whistled, the boys ____ mind it.
    (a) will (b) shall (c) would (d) will have
  8. If he studied in Aklavya College, everyone ___ welcome him.
    (a) will (b) shall (c) shall have (d) would
  9. If I get chance, I ____ speak on the annual function of the college.
    (a) will (b) shall (c) would (d) should
  10. If I were late, father ____ angry.
    (a) will (b) was (c) is (d) has
  11. If Rahul had studied well, I ____ appointed him chairman.
    (a) will (b) shall have (c) would have (d) would be
  12. If I were your husband, I ____ sail you beyond the oceans.
    (a) will (b) shall (c) have (d) would
  13. If I were an apple, Rahul ____ eat me.
    (a) will (b) would (c) shall (d) has
  14. If I have an aeroplane, I ____ fly.
    (a) will (b) shall (C) would (d) might
  15. If you try, you ____ swim.
    (a) will (b) shall (c) can (d) would

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