Google Cloud Computing Foundations | NPTEL | Week 1 Answers

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Google Cloud Computing Foundations Week 1 Answers

Q1. What does it mean for a Cloud system to be elastic?

a) The system is multi-cloud
b) The system can bounce back after an outage
c) The system can be moved from region to region
d) The system can add and remove resources based on need

Answer: d)

Google Cloud Computing Foundations Week 1 Answers

Q2. CPU is provided as a service in ____________.

a) PaaS
b) SaaS
c) IaaS
d) CPU cannot be provided as a service

Answer: c)

Q3. Which of the following Google storage services are suitable for NoSQL databases?

a) Cloud Storage
b) Cloud Bigtable
c) Cloud Datastore
d) Cloud Spanner

Answer: b), c)

Q4. Which of the following is an example of the zonal resource in Google Cloud architecture?

a) Cloud Datastore
b) Compute Engine
c) HTTP(S) Load Balancer
d) Virtual Private Cloud

Answer: b)

Google Cloud Computing Foundations Week 1 Answers

Q5. “Google Cloud Platform Console is a command line interface to interact with GCP”. Is this statement true or false?

a) True
b) False

Answer: b)

Q6. Which of the following is/are applicable for GCP project-id?

a) It is generated automatically by the system
b) The user can edit it while creating a project
c) The user can it after the creation of the project
d) It is unique across all GCP projects

Answer: a), b), d)

Q7. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a variety of service choices. Which of the following services is infrastructure as a service (IaaS)?

a) App Engine
b) Cloud Function
c) Compute Engine
d) Google Kubernetes Engine

Answer: c)

Google Cloud Computing Foundations Week 1 Answers

Q8. Regions are independent geographic areas on the same continent. Which of the following is a regional service?

a) Cloud Datastore
b) HTTPS Load Balancer
c) Network
d) Virtual machine

Answer: a)

Google Cloud Computing Foundations Week 1 Answers

Q9. Which of the following are the part of Google Cloud SDK:

a) bash
b) gcloud
c) gsutil
d) bq

Answer: b), c), d)

Q10. Which command line tool can be used to manage Cloud Storage?

a) bq
b) Cloud Shell
c) gcloud
d) gsutil

Answer: d)

Google Cloud Computing Foundations Week 1 Answers

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