Air Pollution and Control | NPTEL | Week 0 Assignment Solutions

This set of MCQ(multiple choice questions) focuses on the Air Pollution and Control NPTEL Week 0 Assignment Solutions.

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Air Pollution and Control NPTEL Week 0 Assignment Solutions

Q1. Which of the following gas is more in percentage in the air?

a) Oxygen gas
b) Nitrogen gas
c) Water vapour
d) Carbon dioxide gas

Answer: b) Nitrogen gas

Q2. In 1984, Bhopal gas tragedy was caused due to leakage of

a) Sodium monoxide
b) Sodium thiocyanate
c) Potassium isocyanate
d) Methyl isocyanate

Answer: d) Methyl isocyanate

Q3. Which of the following is a secondary pollutant

a) Ozone
b) Carbon monoxide
c) Nitrogen dioxide
d) Sulphur dioxide

Answer: a) Ozone

Q4. AQI stands for

a) Aerosol Quality Index
b) Air Quality Index
c) Air Quantity Index
d) Aerosol Quantity Index

Answer: b) Air Quality Index

Air Pollution and Control NPTEL Week 0 Assignment Solutions

Q5. The value of the Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate is

a) 9.8 oC/km
b) 13.8 oC/km
c) 5.8 oC/km
d) 8.8 oC/km

Answer: a) 9.8 oC/km

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