NPTEL Air Pollution and Control Week 5 Solutions

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NPTEL Air Pollution and Control Week 5 Solutions

Q1. The IVE model used for estimating emissions from vehicles stands for

a) International Vehicle Emission
b) Interactive Vehicle Emission
c) Initial Vehicle Emission
d) Idling Vehicle Emission

Answer: a) International Vehicle Emission

Q2. Which of the following type of vehicular sources is NOT considered while estimating Non-Exhaust emissions?

a) Tyre wear
b) Brake wear
c) Road dust
d) Tailpipe 

Answer: d) Tailpipe 

Q3. Which pollutant’s emission is not estimated by the GAINS model for industrial sector emission inventory

a) CH4
b) SO2
c) Heavy metals
d) NOX

Answer: c) Heavy metals

Q4. Emissions from industries are a function of 

a) Quality of fuel
b) Combustion efficiency
c) Stack emission controls
d) All of the above

Answer: d) All of the above

NPTEL Air Pollution and Control Week 5 Solutions

Q5. The major pollutant released from enteric fermentation is:

a) CH4
b) N2O
c) SO2
d) NH3

Answer: a) CH4

Q6. Which of the following tools is used for estimating the agriculture emissions:

b) GLEAM-i
d) IVE

Answer: b) GLEAM-i

Q7. The general equation for calculating the emissions from the residential or commercial sector is the product of:

a) Fuel consumption and emission factor
b) Population and emission factor
c) Fuel consumption and duration
d) Fuel consumption and Population

Answer: a) Fuel consumption and emission factor

Q8. Emissions from __________ represents fuel combustion activities in households including domestic cooking and use of fireplaces.

a) Agriculture sector
b) Industrial sector
c) Residential sector
d) Transport sector

Answer: c) Residential sector

Q9. The remote sensing technique uses _____________ to measure vehicular exhaust emissions.

a) Absorption spectroscopy
b) Gravimetric
c) UV aerosol index 
d) Columnar volume densities

Answer: a) Absorption spectroscopy

NPTEL Air Pollution and Control Week 5 Solutions

Q10. The commonly used satellite data  “AOD” for monitoring and estimating PM emissions is:

a) Aerosol Optical Dispersion
b) Aerosol Optical Depth
c) Aerosol Optical Diffusion
d) Aerosol Optical Detection

Answer: b) Aerosol Optical Depth

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