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Cyber Security and Privacy NPTEL Week 4 Answers

Q1. Which term is used to describe detailed statements of what must be done to comply with policy?

a) Policies
b) Standards
c) Ethics
d) Governance

Answer: b) Standards

Cyber Security and Privacy NPTEL Week 4 Answers

Q2. Management must use __________ as the basis for all information security planning, design, and deployment.

a) Standards
b) Procedures
c) Policies
d) Best business practices

Answer: c) Policies

Q3. Which type of planning ensures that critical business functions continue if a catastrophic incident or disaster occurs?

a) Business continuity planning (BCP)
b) Contingency planning (CP)
c) Business resumption planning (BRP)
d) Disaster recovery planning (DRP)

Answer: a) Business continuity planning (BCP)

Q4. ___________ policy can be separated into two general groups (a) managerial guidance and (b) technical specification. Select the correct option.

a) Systems-Specific Security
b) Issue-Specific Security
c) Enterprise Information Security
d) None of these

Answer: c) Enterprise Information Security

Cyber Security and Privacy NPTEL Week 4 Answers

Q5. The actions taken during and after a disaster falls under _______________.

a) Impact assessment
b) Risk management
c) Crisis management
d) both a) and b)

Answer: c) Crisis management

Q6. Special Publication 800-14 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines three types of security policy and chooses the

a) Violations of Policy, Business continuity planning, Response planning
b) A disaster recovery, Incident response planning, and Business continuity planning
c) Issue-specific security, Systems-specific security, Enterprise information security
d) Enterprise information security, Violations of Policy, Response planning

Answer: c)

Q7. What are the elements of a business impact analysis?
1. Threat attack identification
2. Business unit analysis
3. Attack success scenario development
4. Potential damage assessment
5. Subordinate plan classification
6. Risk management
7. Disaster management

The elements of a business impact analysis are:

a) 1,2,3,4,5 correct
b) 1,2,3,5,6 correcct
c) 2,3,5,6,7 correct
d) All are correct

Answer: d) All are correct

Cyber Security and Privacy NPTEL Week 4 Answers

Q8. Access control lists (ACLs) that govern the rights and privileges of users consist of the
1. User access lists,
2. Matrices,
3. Capability, and
4. Dedicated hardware

Choose the correct answer

a) 1,2,3,4 are true
b) 1,2,3 are true
c) Only 4 is true
d) All are true

Answer: b) 1,2,3 are true

Q9. The instructions a system administrator codes into a server, networking device, or a device to specify how it operates

a) Administration rule
b) Configuration rules
c) Networking rules
d) Security rule

Answer: b) Configuration rules

Q10. Information security safeguards focus on administrative planning, leading, and controlling and that are

a) Managerial controls
b) Operational controls
c) Technical controls
d) None of these

Answer: a) Managerial controls

Q11. A lattice-based access control with rows of attributes associated with a particular subject such as a user is called

a) Access control matrix
b) Capabilities table
c) Configuration table
d) All of above

Answer: b) Capabilities table

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