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Cyber Security and Privacy Week 9 Answers

Q1. What is the maximum fine for GDPR non-compliance?

a) EUR 10mm or 2% global turnover
b) EUR 15mm or 3% global turnover
c) EUR 20mm or 4% global turnover
d) EUR 25mm or 5% global turnover

Answer: c) EUR 20mm or 4% global turnover

Cyber Security and Privacy Week 9 Answers

Q2. Richards and Solove (2007) suggest that while the American derivation of general privacy is grounded in one’s __________________.

a) inviolate personality
b) violate personality
c) serious personality
d) funny personality

Answer: a) inviolate personality

Q3. Cohenretism treats privacy as a

a) Permission
b) Order
c) Freedom
d) Distinct right

Answer: d) Distinct right

Q4. True or False.
Confidentiality is concerned with the externalization of restricted but accurate information to specific entity.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b) False

Cyber Security and Privacy Week 9 Answers

Q5. Being observed, while the subject doesn’t know is

a) Panopticon
b) Transparency
c) Prevention
d) Anonymity

Answer: a) Panopticon

Q6. Concerns for information Privacy (CFIP) has four constructs. Which is a construct that is not part of the CFIP?

a) Collection
b) Unauthorized access
c) Autonomy
d) Errors

Answer: c) Autonomy

Q7. According to ____________ privacy is not a distinct value concept because it could be conceptually reduced to toher values, like liberty

a) Coherentism
b) Reductionism
c) Privacy
d) Security

Answer: b) Reductionism

Cyber Security and Privacy Week 9 Answers

Q8. ____________ determines the purposes and means of processing personal data

a) Data fiduciary
b) Data processor
c) Data principle
d) Data users

Answer: c) Data principle

Q9. A IPL team management contracts a market research specialist team to carry out players satisfaction survey. The IPl team specifies the budget and the deadline, but the market research team determines sample size and interview methods. The market research team decides which player to select for the interview, what information will be collected, how the information will be collected, and how the information will be presented to the IPL team management. Who is the data controller in this situation?

a) An IPL team management
b) Market research firm
c) Both a & b are controllers
d) None of them are controllers

Answer: c) Both a & b are controllers

Q10. Fair information Practice (FIP) principles were developed the United States in response to increasing privacy concerns resulting from massive computerization. What is an issue FIP does not address?

a) secret record-keeping systems
b) access by data subject to information stored in record keeping systems
c) ability by data subject to correct errors in one’s own data
d) data localization

Answer: d) data localization

Cyber Security and Privacy Week 9 AnswersCyber Security and Privacy Week 9 Answers

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