Ethical Hacking | NPTEL 2023 | Week 9 Assignment Solutions

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Ethical Hacking week 9 Solutions

Q1. In promiscuous mode, a network device, such as an adapter on a host system, can intercept and read all traffic on the network segment to which the adapter is connected.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

Q2. Which of the following commands can be used to put the NIC of a machine to promiscuous mode? (Assumption: Machine IP –, IP of default gateway –, the machine is connected with eth0 interface).

a) arpspoof
b) arpspoof
c) arpspoof -i eth0
d) arpspoof -i eth0

Answer: c) arpspoof -i eth0

Ethical Hacking week 9 SolutionsEthical Hacking week 9 Solutions

Q3. In Wireshark, to filter all the packets used by an IP address, which of the following filter option/command can be used?

b) ip ==
c) ip.addr ==
d) ip.address =
e) None of these

Answer: b) ip ==

Q4. A simple packet analyzer tool such as Wireshark can capture login credential of a user if the login page is using the following Protocol:

b) SSH
d) SSL
e) None of these

Answer: a) HTTP

Q5. How to detect whether network sniffing is probably going on in a network?

a) By checking the ARP entry.
b) By conducting TCP stealth scan on all the machines in the network.
c) By using a script that checks whether any of the machines has the network card configured in the promiscuous mode.
d) None of these.

Answer: a), b), c)

Ethical Hacking week 9 Solutions

Q6. What is the purpose of scanner module available in burp suite?

a) It is used to mount password attack.
b) It is used for manipulating and reissuing packets and to analyze their response.
c) It is used for creating dictionary.
d) It is used for automotive crawling web applications.
e) None of these.

Answer: a) It is used to mount password attack.

Q7. In Burp suite which of the following module is used to intercept, inspect and modify raw traffic?

a) Spider
b) Scanner
c) Intruder
d) Proxy
e) None of these

Answer: d) Proxy

Ethical Hacking week 9 Solutions

Q8. Which of the following is/are example(s) of computer-based social engineering attack?

a) Impersonation
b) Tailgating
c) Shoulder surfing
d) Chain letters
e) Phishing

Answer: a), e)

Ethical Hacking week 9 Solutions

Q9. How does Slowloris attack work?

a) It sends a single large ping packet to victim system.
b) It sends multiple HTTP requests to the victim system but never completes the request.
c) It sends large number ARP packet to the victim system.
d) None of these.

Answer: b) It sends multiple HTTP requests to the victim system but never completes the request.

Q10. Which of the following tools can be used to mound DoS attack?

a) LOIC tool
b) Hping3
c) Hydra
d) Crunch
e) None of these

Answer: a), b)

Ethical Hacking week 9 Solutions

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