Top 10+ best books to learn HTML for developers in 2021

Top 10 best books to learn HTML for developers

After putting a lot of time in research, we came out with the list of Top 10+ best books to learn HTML for developers in 2021.

On the internet, you can find many resources to learn HTML. There you can find different guides and tutorials but they all are mix up in their information. Moreover, they are not covering all the topics in full details. For a beginner, it is always recommended that he/she must follow a full descriptive and structured path to have a good command over a skill. So, to avoid incomplete learning of HTML, you’re having a best option i.e., Learn through Books and get a complete understanding of all the topics.

From the perspective of a Web Developer, HTML is the first language to learn. Without HTML, you are not able to build a single web page. As HTML is the skeleton of all web pages. For building a skeleton or we can say structure of a website, HTML plays an important role. If you want to be just a front end developer then also HTML is required. A frontend developer mostly works with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. According to current stats, the average salary of a front end developer in USA is $106220 per year, in India is around Rs. 5,33,000 per annum. It is a great career choice.

From where to start?

Well, you don’t have to search for the best books on a wide range. We have made it easy for you by investing our time and making list of best books available till date.

We have put a lot of efforts in researching the best book of HTML programming. Below, we have mentioned all the “Top 10+ best books to learn HTML for developers in 2021” for you along with the Names of the books, author name, a direct purchase link referring to Amazon website and an unbiased reviews of books on “HTML programming”. As a partner of Amazon associate program, we may earn from each qualifying purchases. But, this does not impact on book price as well as our reviews regarding each books.

All the books mentioned below are used by students of top universities, colleges and institutes. So, here is the complete list of top 10+ best book to learn HTML in 2021.

1. Core HTML5 Canvas

Author – David Geary

“Core HTML5 Canvas” book review: This book is written for those students who has keen interest in Web development. This book contains exciting topics likes animation, graphics and game development. All the topics are covered in depth with good examples to clear the understanding. In addition, you’ll see how to implement video games with extensive coverage of sprites, physics, collision detection, and the implementation of a game engine and an industrial-strength pinball game.


2. Introducing HTML5

Author – Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp

“Introducing HTML5” book review: This book is composed for Web developers and individuals keen on learning HTML5. This book explains different techniques for drawing lines, fills, gradients, images and text with canvas. It also covers new semantics and structure of HTML5. From this book you will learn the uses of native multimedia for video and audio. And also, to build intelligent web forms. Other topics like implementation of web databases, implement geolocation with HTML5 in both web and mobile application are also included. Moreover, this book covers lot of practical examples to enhance your skill.


3. HTML5 for Masterminds, 3rd Edition

Author – J D Gauchat

“HTML5 for Masterminds” book review: This book contains the complete course on Web Development and Responsive Web Design. To start your web developer journey, you must have to read this book. You will learn many different things with complete guide. Every chapter in this book explores both basic and sophisticated concepts of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This book includes information about HTML5 documents, CSS style sheet, programs in Javascript, methods of responsive web design. In addition, more topics like Graphics, animation, games and Javascript API’s are also included.


4. The Definitive Guide to HTML5

Author – Adam Freeman

This book is written for computer science students and people interested in learning HTML5. It elaborately explains all the base knowledge required for standards-compliant, semantic, modern website creation. The associated W3C APIs that surround the HTML5 specification is also included. The surrounding technologies like canvas, video and audio are also elaborately explained.


5. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

Author –  Jon Duckett

In this book, he tries to make HTML/CSS less intimidating by using simple but colorful infographics and screenshots to illustrate otherwise complex concepts. The layout itself is satisfyingly minimalistic, and you should have an easy time following along from cover to cover.

Overall, the book covers all the basics of HTML/CSS. You get to learn how to build a website from scratch, how to work with the languages on both macOS and PC, as well as how to design various website elements.


6. Head First HTML and CSS : A Learner’s Guide to Creating Standards-Based Web Pages

Author – Elisabeth Robson

If you’re tired of all the technical jargon in HTML/CSS forums and tutorials, this is the book for you. Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind book that explains pretty much everything about static web page construction in a simplistic manner.


Instead of giving you the information in huge technical chunks, the book walks you through the principles just like a teacher would in an actual classroom. It systematically and incrementally reveals how you can apply HTML/CSS to all your web pages – while, at the same time, providing relevant graphics as guidance.


In your web development career, HTML will be the first thing to learn. Without HTML you are not able to build a website. As HTML itself design the structure of a website. So, it’s always better to learn HTML from best resources.

So, to facilitate you for finding the best books, we have created the above mentioned list on “Top 10+ best books to learn HTML for developers”. We have mentioned all the best books available on the market today. You can go ahead and check them out on Amazon.

While you’re at it, though, keep in mind that most of these books come in multiple editions. So, you might want to confirm that you’re purchasing the latest version before committing further.

Learn from any of these books and start implementing the topics which you’ve learned. Try to apply the concepts to design beautiful web designs and applications.

After learning HTML, try to make structure of some projects – Do These Projects and test your skills!

And with that, we wish you a happy reading!

Are there any other interesting books about HTML/CSS that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. So, that we can add in our list of “Top 10+ best book to learn HTML for developers”

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