Use an akcms program to do the popular site group, save money and be efficient!

akcms program to do the popular site group

akcms program to do the popular site group


1. Use the main column to bind the top-level domain name. 
2. Use the second-level column to live in the top-level column of the domain name. ps : Although akcms doesn't want other cms to have the function of binding domain names in the column, after reading the following, you will think he It is much more flexible than those cms with this function .

Methods as below :

  1. Place of background setting: 
Settings → Basic Settings Html extensions : . HTML file name of the default page : index . HTML content Page 1 sets the URL of : [ path ] / [ f ] section home the URL of : [ path ] /

2. Add template:

category . HTM (two columns template. That is the top-level domain name of the station group template column.)
item_display . HTM (full stop article template.)
www_aaa_com . HTM (station group website 1 )
www_bbb_com . HTM (station group website 2 )
www_ccc_com . htm (Station group website c , these 3 templates are used for top-level columns. That is, the template for the home page of the station group domain name.) The template is packaged in the attachment. You can refer to it. Note: Because the default template name of akcms is not used , so The specified template will be used below.

3. Add column

1. Add the main column.

2. Add a secondary column.

3. Add pseudo-static (very important, very critical) – the content of .htaccess is as follows

RewriteEngine ON
# ↓↓ to bind the domain name through an alias, this is very important RewriteRule ^ $ / akcms_category . PHP ? Alias =% { HTTP_HOST } [ L ] # ↓↓ article page pseudo-static, ID forms RewriteRule ^ ([ A - zA - Z0 of - . 9 \ -] +) / ([ 0 - . 9 .] +) \ HTML $ akcms_item . PHP ? ID = $ 2 [ L , the NC ] # columns pseudo-static ↓↓ the RewriteRule ^ ([ A -

zA - Z0 of - . 9 \ -] +) / $ akcms_category . PHP ? Alias = $. 1 [ L , the NC ] # ↓↓ Columns tab pseudo-static the RewriteRule ^ ([ A - zA - Z0 of - . 9 \ -] +) / category - ([ 0 - . 9 ] +). \ HTML $ akcms_category . PHP ? Alias = $. 1 & Page = $ 2 [ L , the NC ]

The above test environment, linux space+akcms4.24

Expand Lenovo:

1. The above is just an example. If you do it carefully, you can also create all the functions of each station group with a single acms.

2. The station group is to save time and increase efficiency. So when doing it, it is recommended. Like I set up the template. The homepage template name of the subsite is similar to your domain name. This will be very convenient to choose. 

3. Because akcms is very flexible. You can make the template of each site different. Of course, any page can be different. Because you can specify the template. The above method I use the global settings.

4. Since we choose the station group, it will naturally not spend a lot of energy to make very complicated and beautiful pages. So this is only for the station group. In order to improve efficiency My friend provides a method.

5. This method can actually save you a lot of money. At present, many space providers do not support binding subdirectories. So in other words, you can only make one site per space. The most you can do is Just bind a few more domain names. At present, as long as the other party is linux space supporting akcms and pseudo-static formation. Then you can use this method to establish N stations.

6. According to point 5 above. Because you are buying space. So There is only one ip. Not suitable for many. But buy a space of tens of dollars/year. Control within 5 stations. It is still very ideal. For friends who have multiple ip servers, they can directly be a background To manage multiple sites.. The method is that the server binds the domain name you want to do. Then dns resolves over there. Resolve the domain name to different ip on your server.

7. For the convenience of management, you can do whatever you want A domain name is used for management. Don’t choose the domain name you make to do your back-end management. For example, you have a domain name Then your first space. Use to install. Then add it Columns and bound domain names. Naturally the second space. Just use

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