Talk about “user advertising experience”

User advertising experience, a new term. Recently I have been advocating it. If it doesn’t mean it, please see the following rumors.

Seeing this title, many friends may throw eggs, but I have to explain the term from a very realistic perspective. This article is not suitable for those who think their own station is how good. Only their own station is the treasure .. even my blog is not suitable for your visit.

Enter the topic below.

1. Don’t look at your site too noble . After all, there are not many websites with a lot of repeat customers. And users will not just choose your website. Because there are countless websites of the same type as you. So users come and Clicking on the ad is equivalent to you earning. No ad. Then review it yourself.

2. Advertising can make up for your lack of content . Now advertisers are racking their brains to come up with attractive advertising words and beautiful pictures. When users visit your website, they may think that advertising is more interesting than your content.

3. The user advertising experience is not about putting ads casually . After you set up the ads on this site. As a webmaster, you think that the ads are the content of your website. That means you are successful.

4. Advertisements are for users . Don’t think that someone clicks your ad. Users will be linked out. That’s right. Because you have already gotten the commission for this click. If you consider the user’s feelings. Put the ad Go to an inconspicuous place. Then you might as well just keep it. You can serve the user directly. It can only be said that you are doing it for your interest.

5. In fact, users have become accustomed to advertising . Now there are many different forms of advertising. Users have been “accepted”. Look at our great “Baidu”, in the last few days after the year. Have countless promotions started Why do users still use Baidu? Because he is used to it.. Users see text that attracts attention. They will never let it go.

The Internet is actually not pessimistic. The pessimistic thing is that their goals are not clear. Some friends give up advertising for the beauty of the site. It has not been a good year, and some webmasters give up beauty for advertising. This year has passed comfortably. Different ideas. Starting points are different. I say more is not helpful.

Finally, I would like to give it to my friends who are struggling day and night as the webmaster: the future of the Internet is very realistic. The use of advertising to make a station is called a station. You can’t have both fish and bear paws!

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