Do the big picture of google adsense.

In so many years, I have actually done many types of sites, such as music, downloads, movies, games, SNS, and even private servers (this huge profit). I have linked to google adsense. No one is not K. Hundreds of times I don’t know how many numbers have been passed by K. It’s only in the last 2 years that I started to really practice it. I can’t say to study it here. Because I haven’t even read its policy seriously:)

Share the following. I think The idea of ​​doing adsense (for reference only, or the old saying, there is no untitled myth in the world!):

1. Choose a category: This is the most important one, advertisers (adwords) earn more, and you earn more. Why. He makes huge profits. Can’t you drink soup? Why are the music, download, movie, game, SNS type sites mentioned earlier are easy to be K. Because the users of this type of site. In fact, only a small part of them are needed. Customers and attentive friends can see that the advertisements on these sites are messy. There are everything. Naturally, the matching advertisements of this kind of sites will not be praised by users. This is why your click-through rate is low. Unit price The reason is low. I have communicated with some adwords. They need hundreds or thousands of clicks to have a valid order. They don’t have to eat. What else can you have. Can he not report you. He insisted that your invalid clicks affected him. He complained. Can you not be K.

So what do you do. In fact, everyone can feel these things in normal life. For example, China Merchants, TV yelling every day 2828 Kaka is to send, joining one is tens of thousands, such as securities. Buying a set of stock trading software is tens of thousands, such as recruiting. Registering a user is how much money. For example, weight loss, a 20 yuan laxative. Selling 200 yuan. Then It is conceivable. If you do these types, less than 50 clicks can bring him a valid order. Advertisers don’t give you all the time? Does he dare to offend you? Moreover, advertisers make money. google Adwrods also has to charge fees from it. Google earned it. Advertisers earned it. You also earned it. This is a virtuous circle. The chance of being K reduced by several percent.

2. Accurate traffic: The site of Google Adsense does not require a lot of traffic. What kind of pop-up ads, rich media. Domestic advertising alliances are nonsense, they are all traffic. Of course you have hundreds of thousands of traffic. You do bombs The window is still very suitable. The advertising alliance can ask your father to follow you every day for fear of offending you. What is the precise traffic? In fact, some webmasters who do portal sites are actually doing it. That is the topic you do. Only for a certain One type of industry to do a topic. But I generally only like to use a single domain name to do a single industry. Sometimes hundreds of IPs can bring you unexpected income.

Announce some real data that I have done. No picture. If you believe it, you will have it, if you don’t believe it, there will be nothing! Strictly speaking, I am the first batch of investment promotion. But it is not the successful batch. Because of the success, they do it all. Advertisers. They have made a lot of money. And I have always been a website owner. So I have been focusing on adsense. For the peak period of investment promotion, it was 2009. Clicks can reach 50%+. The unit price has more than 70. 2- 3K traffic can be exchanged for income of 300 dollars +. From the first point of view, you can go to Baidu to search for some words that attract investment and get rich.. How many are not “promoted”? Many of my words are also from the first page The first one goes directly to the eleventh page on the first page. This income will vary greatly. But this can be seen. This promotion must be profitable. And the 10 on the left and the right are both Endless promotion. Even friends who have a Fengchao account can go to the background to see the unit price of these words in Baidu. Then it is very obvious. A screenshot of one of my website rankings in 2008. One word, one station’s daily income Can reach 2K RMB+ (pictured) (This is in a ccav report of fake medicine in 2009. Baidu was anxious, and it was manual. As a result, my station was brought to K. Speechless.

What I said earlier is investment promotion. All traffic will not exceed 1W in total. But if you really achieve 1W. Then you can exceed 1K a day. Obviously not. There are only so many words. There are only so many that can be mined. Then Speaking of securities, there are many words and a large amount. Advertisers are willing to invest.

A set of software is tens of thousands of profits. K clicks. He can have a valid order. You are his father. Last year, the method of using keywords to do catalogues used one The station has a maximum of 4W+ traffic. There are 11 and 1 keywords with super many keywords. The maximum is as fast as $500/day. The click rate is also about 20%. The unit price is between 8-12. It is a pity that it was artificial (unlucky, right? ). Let’s talk about some commodity websites. Not all such websites are suitable. But profitable ones can definitely be done.

For example, many people go to Alibaba to buy. 20 yuan of weight loss pills. He sells more than 200. If left-handed Carnitine is not reported. There are a lot of promotions on Baidu. So weight loss, weight loss, beauty, etc.. All about cosmetics are huge profits. I can do it. I have done it. Traffic of about 1W. It can bring 300 dollars + /Day. Actually, there are several benefits of accurate traffic.

1. The advertisements that your website matches are all around the theme of your site.

2. The website is not complicated. The content is not messy. Search engines are not easy to be used as a spam station to lower their rights.

3 The user click-through rate will increase a lot. And most of them are potential users. After all, he is aimed at the scope of your topic. This is very good for advertisers. This also reduces the probability of the K number. Cheng.

3. Leave a way for yourself: You can’t hang a website on an advertising alliance. Of course, you may have come to this advertising alliance before you start a website. But if you have a K number. No matter how big the traffic is, what’s the use? Google Adsense will often show you no account. But it does not allow you to place ads on a certain domain name. So what should you do with this domain name? Hang up the pop-up window? Hang up the ordinary alliance? You must be entangled. So you have to think about it. Retreat.

For example, the China Merchants website gd was K. I linked to the traffic alliance. A valid message is also 8 yuan, and I can rent securities to others. Because the advertisers monthly ads are more worthwhile than his adwords. For example, a site that sells goods . You can also rent to others to sell products. Or sell it yourself. Or you can swallow Taobao customers. Although this may not have as much income as before. But at least this station is still not dead. It may also be a turning point in your transformation.

Said three major points. Did not mention the slightest policy of adsense. Obviously I am not qualified to talk about deeper issues. Practice is the truth. I also hope that your comments start from reality. The adjectives are just Used to describe, when you can’t eat.

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