Load the content first, then load the advertisement (FireFox compatible)

The code on the Internet is a bit more complicated. I found one. Then I streamlined it a bit. The
first step: Put this code on the page where you want to place the ad:

<div id = "myads" > Ad loading... </div>

Step 2: Put this code at the bottom of the page:

< script type = "text/javascript" >
document . getElementById ( "myads" ). innerHTML = "Your ad code" ; </ script >

If you want the page to be simpler, you can make a separate js and write the following code. For example, XXX.JS, the content is as follows and then used to call.

document . getElementById ( "myads" ). innerHTML = "Your ad code" ;

Multiple pages call a js. And each page calls a different advertisement, resulting in an error solution in the lower left corner of the page

var ad1 = document . getElementById ( " ad1 ″); if ( ad1 ) ad1 . innerHTML = "Ad 1 ″; var ad2 = document . getElementById ( " ad2 ″); if ( ad2 ) ad1 . innerHTML = "Ad 2 ″; var adN = document . getElementById ( "adN" ); if

( adN ) ad1 . innerHTML = "Ad N" ;

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