Consumer Behaviour NPTEL Week 1 Solutions NPTEL 2023

This set of MCQ(multiple choice questions) focuses on the Consumer Behaviour NPTEL 2023 Week 1 Solutions.

Drawing heavily from the fields of psychology, anthropology and economics; the concepts of Consumer Behaviour puts forth the decision-making processes of buyers, both individually and in groups. It studies the decision-making parameters at both individual as well as group levels as endeavors to understand the consumer preferences and choice heuristics. The course will also bring forth the parameters, process and conflicts while considering family as decision-making unit. The course will sensitize the participants about how the aforesaid concepts will help them in designing appropriate marketing mix and the overall marketing strategy.

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Consumer Behaviour NPTEL Week 1 Solutions

Q1. Which among the following options represent five main buying roles?

a) Initiator, Influencer, Decider, Buyer, and User
b) Initiator, Influencer, Developer, Buyer, and User
c) Initiator, Producer, Decider, Buyer, and User
d) Initiator, Disposer, Developer, Buyer, and User

Answer: a

Q2. ___________, __________, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post-purchase behavior represents simple five-stage consumer decision process.

a) Need Recognition, Information Search
b) Need Creation, Need Fulfilment
c) Need Development, Demand Fulfilment 
d) None of the above

Answer: a

Q3. Region, city size, population density and climate are the basis of ……………… segmentation.

a) geographic
b) demographic
c) psychographic
d) benefit

Answer: a

Consumer Behaviour Week 1 Assignment Solutions

Q4. Which demographic population shows higher tendency for impulse buying and pragmatic decisions?

a) Aging population
b) Working women
c) Single-person households
d) None of the above

Answer: c

Q5. Present outlook of consumption basket suggests that consumers have shifted from:

 a. Individualism to Collectivism 
b. Collectivism to Individualism 
c. Individualism to Communalism 
d. None of the above

Answer: b

Q6. Market Segmentation is a process of dividing a market into groups of individuals with ___________ needs.

 a. Homogeneous 
b. Heterogeneous 
c. Indigenous 
d. Exotic

Answer: a

Consumer Behaviour Week 1 Assignment Solutions

Q7. __________ refers to how similar the members within the segment are in terms of behaviours or characteristics that correlate with the behaviour.

a. Accessibility 
b. Congruity 
c. Measurability 
d. Sustainability

Answer: b

Q8. Which type of Hypervisor is sho___________ is the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market.

a. Positioning 
b. Re-Positioning 
c. Segmentation 
d. Targeting

Answer: a

Q9. For claims up to Rs. 20 Lakhs, the Consumer can lodge complaint in _____________

a. National commission 
b. District forum 
c. State commission 
d. None of the above

Answer: b

Consumer Behaviour Week 1 Assignment Solutions

Q10. Which among the following motivational conflict occurs when an individual needs to make a choice between two undesirable alternatives?

 a. Approach–approach conflict 
b. Avoidance–avoidance conflict 
c. Approach–avoidance conflict 
d. None of the above.

Answer: b

Consumer Behaviour Week 1 Assignment Solutions

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