Consumer Behaviour NPTEL Week 2 Solutions NPTEL 2023

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Drawing heavily from the fields of psychology, anthropology and economics; the concepts of Consumer Behaviour puts forth the decision-making processes of buyers, both individually and in groups. It studies the decision-making parameters at both individual as well as group levels as endeavors to understand the consumer preferences and choice heuristics. The course will also bring forth the parameters, process and conflicts while considering family as decision-making unit. The course will sensitize the participants about how the aforesaid concepts will help them in designing appropriate marketing mix and the overall marketing strategy.

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Consumer Behaviour NPTEL Week 1 Solutions

Q1. ______represent the common human yeaming to be acknowledged and
admired by others.

a. Physiological Needs
b. Safety Needs
c. Esteem Needs
d. Self-Actualization Needs

Answer: c

Q2. Which among the following ‘Information Needs’ from Muray’s List of Psychogenic
Needs involve “seeking knowledge and asking questions?”

a. Exposition
b. Cognizance
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

Answer: c

Q3. Which among the following needs according to Dichter’s consumption motives
involves “influencing other’s purchase behavior?

a. Autonomy
b. Dominance
c. Nurturance
d. Exposition

Answer: b

Consumer Behaviour NPTEL Week 2 Assignment Solutions

Q4. _______refers to the extent of time, thought, energy, and other resources
people apply to the purchase process.

a. Consumer Involvement
b. Consumer Motivation
c. Consumer Attitude
d. Consumer Behavior

Answer: a

Q5. _________is the minimal noticeable difference between two comparable stimuli.


a. Absolute Threshold
b. Differential Threshold
c. Teminal Threshold
d. None of the above

Answer: b

Q6. _________refers to the level where the stimulus provided to the customers goes
completely unnoticed.


a. Liminal Perception
b. Subliminal Perception
c. Hyper Perception
d. Hvno Pereention

Answer: a

Consumer Behaviour NPTEL Week 2 Assignment Solutions

Q7. Weber’s law states that _________ the next stimulus_________ is the added intensity to be required to be perceived as different, and there is a fixed proportion
by which with the change of the stimuli the level of response is changed. Which among
the following options fill the above two blanks in order?

a. Stronger, Bigger
b. Stronger, Smaller
c. Weaker, Bigger
d. Weaker, Smaller

Answer: d

Q8. Which theory relates to our understanding of how and why we perceive things?

a. Dichter’s Psychology
b. Gestalt Psychology
c. Murray’s Psychology
d. None of the above

Answer: b

Q9. _________ is a total perception of something that individuals form about a
product or brand by processing all the information they are exposed to overtime

a. Consumer Imagery
b. Consumer Involvement
c. Consumer Scripts
d. None of the above.

Answer: a

Consumer Behaviour NPTEL Week 2 Assignment Solutions


Answer: a

Consumer Behaviour NPTEL Week 2 Assignment Solutions

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