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In this post you will get different questions of homonyms.

You should practice these questions to improve basics of Grammar. All the questions in this particular exercise are based on only “Homonyms”.

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Now, start attempting the quiz.

Homonyms | Exercise – 1

Directions: In the following questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

1. My colleagues are ___ of the nicest people I know.
a. some
b. sum

Answer: a) some

2. The golfer yelled ___ as he swung his club.
a. for
b. fore
c. four

Answer: b) fore

3. His military rank carries some ___ at the bargaining table.
a. wait
b. weight

Answer: b) weight

Homonyms Exercise | English Grammar

4. I ___ my right to an attorney.
a. waive
b. wave

Answer: a) waive

5. Sometimes elderly people ___ food in their rooms when they live in nursing homes.
a. hoard
b. horde

Answer: a) hoard

6. She ran until she felt a pain in her ___.
a. sighed
b. side

Answer: b) side

7. Why don’t you ___ down and enjoy the scenery?
a. sloe
b. slow

Answer: b) slow

Homonyms Exercise | English Grammar

8. She vanished into thin ___.
a. air
b. heir
c. ere
d. err

Answer: a) air

9. Chickens can also be referred to as poultry or ___.
a. foul
b. fowl

Answer: b) fowl

10. You can insult me but how dare you ___ my wife!
a. sleight
b. slight

Answer: b) slight

11. The hunter slowly raised his gun and took aim at the ___.
a. dear
b. deer

Answer: b) deer

Homonyms Exercise | English Grammar

12. It is not unusual to see a wild ___ in the hills of Nishinomiya.
a. boar
b. bore

Answer: a) boar

13. The penthouse ___ is the most expensive apartment in the building.
a. suite
b. sweet

Answer: a) suite

14. Take one ___ at a time.
a. step
b. steppe

Answer: a) step

15. A carrot is a ___ vegetable.
a. root
b. route

Answer: a) root

16. You look ___. You need some sun.
a. pail
b. pale

Answer: b) pale

Homonyms Exercise | English Grammar

17. All those opposed should say ___.
a. nay
b. neigh

Answer: a) nay

18. I am not sure but ___ I will go.
a. maybe
b. may be

Answer: a) maybe

19. Dale bought a new ___ to cut his lawn.
a. more
b. mower

Answer: b) mower

20. I do not care ___ you stay or leave.
a. weather
b. whether

Answer: b) whether

Homonyms Exercise | English Grammar

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