170+ Grammar Questions: Beginner’s Level Grammar Quiz

In this post you will get different beginner’s level grammar questions quiz. You need to solve 170+ Grammar questions in this Quiz.

You should practice these questions to improve basics of Grammar. All the questions in this particular section are based on only “Beginner’s Level Grammar Quiz”.

NOTE: You can check your answer immediately by clicking show answer button. Moreover, this set of “Beginner’s Level Grammar Quiz” contains 170+ questions(20 questions each set).

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Beginner’s Level Grammar Quiz | 170+ questions | Set – 1

1. No one ______ it

a) want
b) wants

Answer: b) wants

2. I need ______ that

a) to know
b) to knew

Answer: b) to know

3. ________ do you want?

a) What one
b) Which one

Answer: b) Which one

4. I have ______ chalk.

a) an
b) a

Answer: b) a

5. Her mother ________ her.

a) like
b) likes

Answer: b) likes

6. He’s _______ good boy.

a) the
b) a

Answer: b) a

7. It happened ________ today.

a) on
b) ____

Answer: b) ____

8. It is the ______ exam.

a) best
b) most best

Answer: a) best

9. He likes to ________.

a) play
b) plays

Answer: a) play

10. She ______ plans for it.

a) have
b) has

Answer: b) has

11. She ignored him, ______?

a) didn’t she
b) doesn’t she

Answer: a) didn’t she

12. The matter is much _______.

a) worse
b) worst

Answer: a) worse

13. He will do it, ________?

a) will he
b) won’t he

Answer: b) won’t he

14. Ours is better than _______.

a) theirs
b) their

Answer: a) theirs

15. It’s _______ guarantee.

a) a
b) an

Answer: a) a

16. It’s ________ obvious.

a) very
b) verily

Answer: a) very

17. I will _______ of it.

a) think
b) thought

Answer: a) think

18. I’ve _______ good books.

a) get
b) got

Answer: b) got

19. You shouldn’t _________.

a) leave
b) left

Answer: a) leave

20. That is _______ my pen.

a) the
b) ___

Answer: b) ____

21. _______ you work here?

a) Do
b) Does

Answer: a) Do

22. Are you doing it? _________

a) No, I don’t
b) No, I’m not

Answer: b) No, I’m not

23. It _______ him harm.

a) does
b) do

Answer: a) does

24. Is he busy? Yes, ______.

a) he is
b) he do

Answer: a) he is

25. It _______ going to happen.

a) weren’t
b) wasn’t

Answer: b) wasn’t

26. I was _______ surprised.

a) great
b) greatly

Answer: b) greatly

27. ______ she a good girl?

a) Was
b) Were

Answer: a) Was

28. I have ______ rice.

a) little
b) few

Answer: a) little

29. We are _______ English.

a) learned
b) learning

Answer: b) learning

30. ______ a fine student.

a) She’ll
b) She’s

Answer: b) She’s

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