Subject Verb Agreement Exercise

In this post you will get different exercise questions on Subject Verb Agreement.

You should practice these questions to improve basics of Grammar. All the questions in this particular section are based on only “Subject Verb Agreement” Exercise.

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Exercise – 1 (Subject Verb Agreement -)

Directions: Fill in the blank by choosing the correct option from the brackets.

1. A pair of shoes _________ (is/are) lying there.

2. My scissors _________ (is/are) sharp.

3. Much of his wealth _________ (has/have) been wasted.

4. A little help will _________ (do/does) me more.

5. A number of boys ___________ (was/were) absent.

6. The number of absentees __________ (is/are) very large.

7. A lot of people __________ (was/were) present there in the meeting.

8. A great deal of work __________ (remain/remains) undone.

9. Most of the people ___________ (was/were) killed.

10. Some of the fruit cake _________ (is/are) gone.

11. The majority of people ___________ (want/wants) peace.

12. A great poet and philosopher ___________ (has/have) died.

13. The treasurer and the secretary __________ (has/have) resigned.

14. Slow and steady _________ (win/wins/won) the race.

15. Every man and woman ___________ (was/were) present at the May festival.

16. None of these pens __________ (is/are) mine.

17. That red-haired lady in the fur hat _________ (live/lives) across the street.

18. The family ___________ (is/are) occupied with their individual problems.

19. Interesting news _________ (is/are) what sells our paper.

20. A pound of cookies ___________ (cost/costs) about a dollar.

21. Beyond the mountains __________ (is/are) a fertile valley.

22. In a marathon, few of the starters __________ (finishes/finish) the race.

23. All of the milk _________ (is/are) gone.

24. Several of the sheep __________ (is/are) sick.

25. It’s not the teachers but the director of the school who ________ (decide/decides) on the course schedule.

26. 80% of teenagers ___________ (want/wants) to run their own business.

27. Six times five divided by two __________ (is/are) fifteen.

28. A high percentage of the people __________ (was/were) sleeping when the earthquake happened.

29. Three of the doctors in this hospital __________ (has/have) gone abroad for a cruise holiday.

30. Raising cattle ___________ (has/have) always been the most popular occupation in the country.

Answers: Exercise – 1 (Subject Verb Agreement -)

1. is 2. is 3. has 4. do 5. were
6. is 7. were 8. remains 9. were 10. is
11. want 12. has 13. have 14. wins 15. was
16. is 17. lives 18. are 19. is 20. costs
21. is 22. finish 23. is 24. are 25. decides
26. want 27. is 28. was 29. have 30. has

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