Service Marketing: A Practical Approach | NPTEL | Week 2 Assignment Solutions

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Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL 2022 Week 2 Assignment Solutions

Q1. Services associated with identity needs-

a) Telecommunication services
b) Religious services
c) Personal care services
d) Repair and maintenance services

Answer: b)

Q2. Which of the following is not one of Porter’s Five Forces –

a) Rivalry of customers
b) Rivalry of existing competitors
c) Bargaining power of buyers
d) Threat of New Entrants

Answer: a)

Q3. Service marketers can identify value proposition to customers by-

a) Customer Analysis
b) Competitor Analysis
c) Collaborator Analysis
d) All of the above

Answer: d)

Q4. _________ is the suppliers’ ability to influence the prices they charge for suppliers (including materials, labour, and services)

a) Bargaining power of customers
b) Bargaining power of suppliers
c) Bargaining power of stockholders
d) Bargaining power of shareholders

Answer: b)

Q5. Which of the following statements is correct when considering a SWOT analysis?

a) Strengths and weaknesses originate outside an organization
b) Opportunities and threats originate outside an organization
c) Strengths and threats originate inside an organization
d) Opportunities and weaknesses originate outside an organization

Answer: b)

Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL week 2 Assignment Solutions

Q6. A software company is evaluating its overall mission, including its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is engaged in which step of the segmentation, targeting, and positioning process?

a) Establishing overall strategy or objectives
b) Determining segmentation methods
c) Evaluating segment attractiveness
d) Selecting the target market

Answer: a)

Q7. For a target segment to be attractive, it should have following characteristics, EXCEPT-

a) Measurable
b) Accessible
c) Differentiable
d) Infeasible

Answer: d)

Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL week 2 Assignment Solutions

Q8. Conjoint analysis is-

a) Measuring market performance
b) Taking decisions about new offerings
c) Taking distributions decisions
d) Estimating market demand

Answer: b)

Q9. The three broad categories of things processed in services are _________, __________, and _________.

a) People; physical objects; data
b) People; organizations; documents
c) People; data; projects
d) Physical objects; data; documents

Answer: a)

Q10. Tangible characteristics that customers can evaluate prior to purchase are termed _____________.

a) Search attributes
b) Experience attributes
c) Credence attributes
d) Satisfaction attributes

Answer: a)

Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL week 2 Assignment Solutions

Q11. ___________ outside peak demand periods poses a serious problem for service industries with ____________, like hotels.

a) Low demand; high fixed costs
b) Low demand; low fixed costs
c) High demand; high fixed costs
d) High demand; low fixed costs

Answer: a)

Q12. A(n) _________ is one that a firm has selected from among those in the broader market and may be defined on the basis of several variables.

a) General segment
b) Segmentation field
c) Target segment
d) Holistic segment

Answer: c)

Q13. Market analysis addresses all of the following factors EXCEPT ____________.

a) Overall level of demand
b) Trend of demand
c) Government regulations
d) Geographic location of demand

Answer: c)

Q14. According to Ansoff’s strategic opportunity matrix, a firm using the market penetration alternative would try to:

a) Increase market share among existing customers
b) Attract new customers to existing products
c) Create new products for present markets
d) Introduce new products into new markets

Answer: a)

Q15. The line of ____________ separates front stage and backstage of services-

a) External interaction
b) Visibility
c) Internal interaction
d) Performance

Answer: b)

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