Service Marketing: A Practical Approach | NPTEL | Week 3 Assignment Solutions

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Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL 2022 Week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q1. The next step in consumer decision making after problem recognition is-

a) External information search
b) Pre-purchase intentions
c) Brand choice
d) Internal information search

Answer: d)

Q2. In marketing positioning refers to-

a) Where the brand is placed on the store shelves
b) How to develop attractive packaging to entice consumers to try the brand
c) Where to place marketing communications for a brand so that it captures consumers attention
d) How the customer perceives the brand in relation to competitors

Answer: d)

Q3. By providing good customer service, firms _________ their products

a) Eliminate the communication gap
b) Add value to
c) Reduce zero of tolerance
d) Increase perishability of

Answer: b)

Q4. The difference between actual customer experience and external communication of promises made to customers is called-

a) Policy Gap
b) Perceptions Gap
c) Communications Gap
d) Knowledge Gap

Answer: c)

Q5. Service organizations which set benchmark for all within an industry

a) Service Losers
b) Service Professional
c) Service Stalwarts
d) Service Leaders

Answer: d)

Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q6. Which of the following services is outside the purview of consumer protection act?

a) Education service
b) Rental service
c) Free medical service
d) Housekeeping services

Answer: c)

Q7. In calculating demand and supply yield equals to-

a) Actual revenue/Potential revenue
b) Optimum revenue/Potential revenue
c) Expected revenue/Actual revenue
d) Potential revenue/Actual revenue

Answer: a)

Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q8. Messages which originate from outside of an organization-

a) Service outlets
b) Websites
c) Word of mouth
d) Public relations

Answer: c)

Q9. Who is NOT a target audience for Marketing Communications-

a) Prospect
b) Users
c) Employees
d) None of the above

Answer: d)

Q10. If a service environment is inherently ____________, one should avoid increasing ____________ levels, as this would move customers into the “distressed” region of Russell’s model.

a) Pleasant; arousal
b) Pleasant; excitement
c) Pleasant; relaxation
d) Unpleasant; arousal

Answer: d)

Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q11. According to “The psychology of Waiting Lines” which is NOT true-

a) Preprocess waits feel longer than process waits
b) Occupied time feels longer than unoccupied time
c) Unfair waits are longer than equitable waits
d) Solo waits feel longer than group waits

Answer: b)

Q12. What type of law can protect service processes?

a) Copyright
b) Patent
c) Constitutional
d) Contract

Answer: b)

Q13. Which of the following is NOT a service recovery strategy?

a) Taking ownership for the problem
b) Offering alternatives
c) Failure to acknowledge feelings
d) Taking immediate action

Answer: c)

Q14. When customers take advantage of price variation among channel and markets, it is known as-

a) Channel hedging
b) Channel arbitrage
c) Channel Intermediation
d) None of these

Answer: b)

Q15. Which of the following is NOT one of the criteria that service guarantees should be designed to meet?

a) Easy to understand and communicate
b) Meaningful to the customer
c) Conditional
d) Easy to invoke

Answer: c)

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