Service Marketing: A Practical Approach | NPTEL | Week 4 Assignment Solutions

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Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL 2022 Week 4 Assignment Solutions

Q1. The _________ refers to the sometimes-observed effect that customers who experience a service failure and then have it resolved to their full satisfaction are more likely to make future purchases than are customers who have no problem in the first place.

a) Referent renewal paradox
b) Referent contribution paradox
c) Referent acquisition paradox
d) Service recovery paradox

Answer: d)

Q2. _________ and ___________ typically measure satisfaction with all major customer service processes and products.

a) Total market surveys; ordinary surveys
b) Regular surveys; reverse surveys
c) Regular surveys; split surveys
d) Total market surveys; annual surveys

Answer: d)

Q3. Which of the following is the prescription for the perception gap?

a) Ensure the right service processes and specify standards
b) Ensure that performance meets standards.
c) Learn what customers expect.
d) Tangibilize and communicate the service quality delivered

Answer: d)

Q4. The ____________ is supply based, and is concerned primarily with engineering and manufacturing practices.

a) Transcendent view
b) User-based definition
c) Manufacturing-based approach
d) Product-based approach

Answer: c)

Q5. ___________ include customers’ feelings about the personal style of individual providers and satisfaction levels with those supplementary elements they feel competent to evaluate.

a) Gap factors
b) Comparative factors
c) Quality factors
d) Process factors

Answer: d)

Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL week 4 Assignment Solutions

Q6. Which of the following is NOT one of the criteria that service guarantees should be designed to meet?

a) Easy to understand and communicate
b) Meaningful to the customer
c) Conditional
d) Easy to invoke

Answer: c)

Q7. Which of the following is NOT one of the key strategies used to reduce customer defections?

a) Eliminate nuisance customers
b) Address key churn drivers
c) Implement effective complaint handling and service recovery procedures
d) Increase switching costs

Answer: a)

Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL week 4 Assignment Solutions

Q8. ___________ is the most crucial element of Medical Transcription services

a) Price
b) Place
c) People
d) Process

Answer: c)

Q9. In education services the extension of service line is denoted by-

a) Additional faculties recruitment
b) Additional courses delivery
c) Additional branches establishment
d) Special subsidies for weaker sections

Answer: b)

Q10. The set of marketing tools a firm uses to implement its marketing strategy is called the:

a) Promotion mix
b) Product mix
c) Market offer
d) Marketing mix

Answer: d)

Service Marketing: A Practical Approach NPTEL week 4 Assignment Solutions

Q11. Which of the following influences customer behaviour in five-star hotels?

a) The client’s previous experiences
b) The client’s perception of luxury
c) The client’s stage in the buying process
d) All of the above

Answer: d)

Q12. Which is a major factor for pricing of insurance services?

a) Tenure
b) Mortality
c) Process
d) Basis of arrival

Answer: b)

Q13. Families are an interesting potential market for McDonalds because

a) They usually have double income and therefore high purchasing power
b) Children love going to restaurants having children’s menus
c) Children have a potential long lasting customer lifetime value
d) Families usually bring their friends as well

Answer: c)

Q14. The ___________ complex a(n) ____________ process becomes, the more powerful is its potential impact on ___________.

a) More; affective; cognition
b) More; cognitive; affect
c) Less; cognitive; services
d) Less; affective; cognition

Answer: b)

Q15. From the customer’s perspective which of the following is the most important aspect of service?

a) Management’s responsiveness to occurrences of failure
b) Timely delivery of service
c) Efficient handling of special requests
d) The encounter with service staff

Answer: d)

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