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C++ Functions MCQ


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C++ Functions MCQ Questions

#1. If an argument from the parameter list of a function is defined constant then ________

#2. What is the output of this program?

#include < iostream >
using namespace std;
void fun(int x, int y)
   x = 20;
   y = 10;
int main()
   int x = 10;
   fun(x, x);
   cout << x;
   return 0;

#3. When our function doesn’t need to return anything means what we will pass as parameter in function?

#4. What will happen when we use void in argument passing?

#5. Which of the following statement is correct?

#6. Which of the following is the default return value of functions in C++?

#7. An inline function is expanded during _________

#8. What happens to a function defined inside a class without any complex operations (like looping, a large number of lines, etc)?

#9. If an argument to a function is declared as const, then _____.

#10. Where does the execution of the program starts?

#11. When will we use the function overloading?

#12. Assigning one or more function body to the same name is called ___.

#13. A friend function does not have 'this' pointer associated with it.

#14. Which of the following function / types of function cannot have default parameters?

#15. In which of the following cases inline functions may not word?
i) If the function has static variables.
ii) If the function has global and register variables.
iii) If the function contains loops
iv) If the function is recursive

#16. What are the advantages of passing arguments by reference?

#17. Where does the return statement returns the execution of the program?

#18. What we will not do with function pointers?

#19. What is the scope of the variable declared in the user defined function?

#20. What is an inline function?

#21. How many minimum number of functions should be present in a C++ program for its execution?

#22. Which is more effective while calling the functions?

#23. What will happen while using pass by reference

#24. Which is used to keep the call by reference value as intact?

#25. Which of the following best defines the syntax for template function ?

#26. Overloaded functions are

#27. In C++ code , variables can be passed to a function by

#28. Which of the following is used to terminate the function declaration?

#29. Where should default parameters appear in a function prototype?

#30. Correct way to declare pure virtual function in a C++ class is

#31. What are mandatory parts in the function declaration?

#32. Which of the following feature is used in function overloading and function with default argument?

#33. When we define the default values for a function?

#34. How many can max number of arguments present in function in the c99 compiler?

#35. Default values for a function are specified when ____ .



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