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Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 2 Quiz Solutions

Q1. What is the right statement associated with Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory?

a) It picturizes Einstien’s theory of relativity 
b) The desert indicates the barrenness of life
c) Clocks can be washed and dried
d) Time should be used flexibly and efficiently
e) Futuristic watches will be flexible and washable like clothes 
f) It portrays time as useless and meaningless 
g) It captures the relative and fickle nature of time

Answer: f)

Q2. What are some of the ways of managing or controlling time?

a) Taking log of your time
b) Comparing your daily activities with your friends
c) Avoiding sleeping to make more time
d) Creating time by not engaging in unnecessary activities
e) Scrutinising your time and noting the wastage
f) Ignoring time to avoid pressure
g) Set unrealistic deadlines to control time

Answer: a), d), e)

Q3. Ram is known for his great time management skills and efficiency. Identify some of his characteristics that validates time management skill:

a) Allows others to interrupt him all the time
b) Delegates work properly
c) Sets realistic goals and deadlines
d) Says “no” to unreasonable requests
e) Works in disorganised surroundings
f) Works with adequate information
g) Makes quick decisions about mundane things

Answer: b), c), d), f)

Q4. What is the right time-personality attitude?

a) Arriving at the place of interview on time
b) Finishing assignments before the deadline
c) Actively postponing the urgent work
d) Planning ahead of time and executing work in time
e) Hanging a big wall clock in your workplace 
f) Ignoring important people to save time
g) Watching a lot of motivational movies

Answer: a), b), d)

Q5. Identify the scenarios that will induce procrastination:

a) When someone fears failure due to the unfamiliarity with the given task 
b) When someone is confident about the end result
c) When someone fears from low esteem
d) When someone thinks by delaying, the work will disappear 
e) When someone is active and excited
f) When someone aims for perfectionism 
g) When someone manages time efficiently

Answer: a), c), d), f)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 2 quiz Solutions

Q6. Identify those activities that will cause time-leakage:

a) Prolonged conversations with friends during work hours
b) Being decisive and clear about weekly goals 
c) Taking prolonged time on planning
d) Having a state of serenity
e) Always saying ‘yes’
f) Working with inadequate information
g) Delegating works to others

Answer: a), c), e), f)

Q7. How can one convert time-stealers into gift-of-time?

a) Listening to an audiobook on a long drive
b) Completing simple tasks while waiting in a queue
c) Talking to your long-lost friends during a lecture 
d) Scheduling informal meeting when waiting for someone
e) Avoiding focusing on the thing at hand and engage in nostalgic thinking
f) Planning your events for the week while waiting for teacher to arrive

Answer: a), b), d)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 2 Quiz solutions

Q8. Identify the statements that reflect the attitude of a procrastinator:

a) “I can totally do this tomorrow.”
b) “I should take a nap, this project is so boring.”
c) “Today is all I have, I can do it!”
d) “Rina wants to watch a film, I’ll do my homework later.” 
e) “It’s better to complete this task as soon as possible.”
f) “I have so much work to do, I bet I can’t complete this ever!”
g) “Look at my To-Do list, only half of the work is left!”
h) “The deadline can be extended, I can ask for more time.”

Answer: a), b), d), f), h)

Q9. Which of the following truly indicate the basic characteristics of Steven Covey’s model of time utilisation habits?

a) Urgency
b) Pleasure
c) Mood
d) Importance
e) People’s opinion
f) Popularity
g) Financial value of the task

Answer: a), d)

Q10. Identify the effects of procrastination:

a) It leads to misuse of time such as watching TV when you have to be working
b) It will deprive you of opportunities due to lethargic and lazy mindset
c) It leads to a healthier and positive lifestyle 
d) On failing to finish the work on time, it will lead to self-criticism
e) It increases productivity
f) It helps to get promotion
g) It causes anxiety, stress, and depression as the deadline arrives

Answer: a), b), d), g)

Q11. Which of the following characteristics can make Shruthi a procrastinator?

a) Making and following a To-Do list
b) Taking one step at a time
c) Having low self-confidence
d) Having a strong motivation for success
e) Having a tidy workplace
f) Living an organised life

Answer: c)

Q12. “Kaizen principle” is also known as:

a) Weekly Principle
b) One-minute Principle
c) Planner Principle
d) Procrastination Principle
e) Achievement Principle
f) Three-Minute Principle

Answer: b)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 2 Quiz solutions

Q13. How can you create a positive work environment?

a) Organising or decluttering the work space
b) Keeping food items on working table
c) Having a cluttered desk
d) Cleaning extensively instead of working
e) Throwing litters inside room
f) Working along angry colleagues 

Answer: a)

Q14. For Stanley Phelps and Nancy Austin, “assertiveness” is:

a) The ability to express yourself and your rights without violating the rights of others
b) The ability to say ‘No’ when you don’t want to do work
c) An effective way of time management 
d) A way to avoid procrastination 
e) The root cause of time leakage
f) A type of North-American dance

Answer: a)

Q15. Which of the following is NOT the right way of overcoming procrastination?

a) Setting and declaring your goals
b) Breaking gigantic tasks into small tasks
c) Keeping a record of your accomplishments 
d) Punishing yourself for small mistakes
e) Learning from your failures
f) Being honest with your limitations and looking for solutions

Answer: d)

Q16. Complete the following quote by Benjamin Franklin: “You may delay, but ______  will not, and lost ______ is never found again.”

a) work
b) day
c) time
d) love
e) movie
f) life partner

Answer: c)

Q17. How can you define compliance?

a) It is the ability to speak for yourself 
b) It is the tendency to procrastinate 
c) It is the ability to complete all the work timely
d) It is the tendency to yield to the will of others
e) It is the ability to live a carefree life
f) It is the tendency to rebel

Answer: d)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 2 Quiz solutions

Q18. Which of the following is one of the Cs essential for a successful life?

a) Choice
b) Chips
c) Car
d) Care
e) Cash
f) Cat

Answer: a)

Q19. Which principle states that 80% of one’s output depend on 20% of one’s activities?

a) Kaizen Principle
b) Scientific Principle
c) Peter Pan Principle
d) Parkinson’s Principle
e) Pareto Principle
f) Non-violence Principle

Answer: e)

Q20. Fill in the blanks: “In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into _____, or to step back into _______.”

a) life, death
b) growth, safety
c) time, void
d) car, bike
e) safety, growth
f) adventure, dissatisfaction

Answer: b)

Q21. Joseph M. Juran observed that 20% sales actually came from 80% of clients.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b)

Q22. YouTube, WhatsApp and other social media act as weapons of distraction

a) True
b) False

Answer: a)

Q23. Sharing one’s goal with others will make the person procrastinate.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b)

Q24. Peter Pan Syndrome indicates emotional and social immaturity. 

a) True
b) False

Answer: a)

Q25. To be a successful entrepreneur, it is important to manage time efficiently. 

a) True
b) False

Answer: a)

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