Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality | NPTEL 2022 | Week 6 quiz solutions

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Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 6 Quiz Solutions

Q1. Identify the statements appropriate to humour:

Answer: a), c)

Q2. Find the appropriate reasons to have a cheery and humorous environment: 

Answer: a), c), e), f)

Q3. How can one create a positive impact on people?

Answer: a), b), d)

Q4. People who lack humour in workplace:

Answer: a), b), c), e), f)

Q5. What are the best ways to express a sense of joy and happiness?

Answer: a), d), g)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 6 quiz Solutions

Q6. Identify the people with good money-personality traits:

Answer: a), d)

Q7. Identify the people with bad money-personality traits:

Answer: a), c), e)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 6 Quiz solutions

Q8. What are the ways to battle against impulsive purchases?

Answer: a), c)

Q9. Which of the following are Shakespeare’s remarks concerning money and relationship?

Answer: b), d), f)

Q10. Choose the wealthy people with the right attitude and lifestyle:

Answer: c), e)

Q11. Kiara has lent twenty thousand rupees to her friend Rita who failed to return the money on time. How should Kiara react to this?

Answer: c)

Q12. Imagine you are a manager dealing with angry customers. How would you deal with the situation?

Answer: b)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 6 Quiz solutions

Q13. As M. R. Kopmeyer said, “Your only job security is your _______.”

Answer: b)

Q14. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of humour?

Answer: c)

Q15. What are/is the trait(s) of “Indian frogs”?

Answer: a)

Q16. Identify the benefit of laughter in the workplace:

Answer: a)

Q17. Ram is humorous in nature and a part-time stand-up comedian. He uses humour in different situations, for various reasons. Identify the practice of humour for wrong intention by Ram:

Answer: c)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 6 Quiz solutions

Q18. What is the WRONG money-personality trait of an entrepreneur?

Answer: c)

Q19. Shiva is a wealthy businessman and a chief executive officer of Omega shoe company. He worked hard and acquired leadership skills as a part of learning. He often visits lavish parties and maintains good relationships with both rich and poor people in his company. What does this paragraph say about Shiva?

Answer: d)

Q20. Shakespeare said, “neither a ______, nor a _______ be.”

Answer: c)

Q21. When you make yourself a resourceful person with hard and soft skills, money will chase you.

Answer: True

Q22. Every time you loot at a mirror, you should smile to keep a positive spirit. 

Answer: True

Q23. “Laughter” originates from the Roman word gelos which means laughter.

Answer: False

Q24. Humour can be used to make fun of those people whom you hate.

Answer: False

Q25. Artificial and deliberate attempts to be humorous will induce suspicion of fraud.

Answer: True

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