Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality | NPTEL 2022 | Week 5 quiz solutions

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Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 5 Quiz Solutions

Q1. Which of the following are incorrect pairs of subject-verb?

a) “She wants to live in Bangalore.”
b) “Deva and his friend discusses their notes with each other.”
c) “Rani, as well as her sister, has gone to the market.”
d) “The children is playing in the field.”
e) “The information that she received were not useful.”
f) “Neither he nor his father are good at sports.”
g) “Life Sciences are an interesting subject.”

Answer: b), d), e), f), g)

Q2. Fill in the blanks with the correct words: “One should never judge       i.       book by      ii.       cover.”

a) i. the
b) i. an
c) i. a
d) ii. it’s
e) ii. their
f) ii. its

Answer: c), f)

Q3. Identify the errors: She has always dreamt to visit the United States of America. Having read so much about it, she is eager to explore it himself.

a) Having read
b) is eager to
c) dreamt to
d) explore it
e) about it
f) himself

Answer: c), f)

Q4. Identify the grammatically correct sentences:

a) “She is one of the bravest girl I have come across.”
b) “Can you pass me the scissors please?”
c) “You have completed your homework, didn’t you?”
d) “Fish and chips is my favourite dish!”
e) “The coffee that she made were too strong.”
f) “He bought two kilograms of rices.”
g) “Either she or her brother is going to cook dinner tonight.”

Answer: a), b), d)

Q5. Which of the following can be treated as singular nouns?

a) Police
b) Audience
c) Children
d) Hair
e) Nails
f) Ties
g) Content
h) Butter

Answer: a), d), g), h)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 5 quiz Solutions

Q6. English Language Skills are important because:

a) English is a globally popular language
b) English is spoken in more than sixty countries
c) It is impressive and cool to speak in English
d) English is an important language in the corporate sector
e) English is the national language of India
f) A language like English offers a window into the world and many cultures
g) English is the language of the colonisers
h) English is easy to learn
i) English is a popular medium of expression in films, books, etc.

Answer: a), f), i)

Q7. Identify the statements that contain common errors:

a) “You will need a umbrella.”
b) “I searched the pen everywhere.”
c) “I am not answerable to the boss.”
d) “She is accountable of the drop in sales.”
e) “There was an economical crisis in 2005.”
f) “She has decided to pursue a course in Literature.”
g) “The grapes are too sour.”

Answer: b), d)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 5 Quiz solutions

Q8. Fill in the blank” I am going to the zoo with some of _____ friends.

a) their
b) my
c) her
d) them
e) it
f) mine
g) yours
h) its

Answer: b)

Q9. Choose the correct sentences from the following:

a) “The French value their principals a lot.”
b) “They booked a suit for us in one of the best hotels in the city.”
c) “Her hair used to be really short.”
d) “Their is a beautiful cafe around the corner.”
e) “I have not eaten anythings since morning.”
f) “Manoj was a honourable man.”
g) “The old woman lives all by himself.”
h) “Madhuri Dixit is one of my favourite actresses.”

Answer: c), h)

Q10. Fill in the blanks: __(i)__ my best friend. I always want to be by __(ii)__ side.

a) (i) You are
b) (i) Your
c) (i) Yours
d) (ii) you are
e) (ii) your
f) (ii) yours

Answer: a), e)

Q11. Choose the incorrectly matched pair of singular and plural forms from among the following:

a) Leaf – Leaves
b) Life – Lives
c) Child – Childs
d) Knife – Knives
e) Fungus – Fungi
f) Tooth – Teeth

Answer: c)

Q12. Choose the word closest in meaning to: Grief

a) Anger
b) Sadness
c) Longing
d) Madness
e) Envy
f) Peace

Answer: b)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 5 Quiz solutions

Q13. Replace the underlined word with a suitable alternative: My mother did not allow me to go to the zoo with my friends.

a) forbade
b) forsaken
c) permitted
d) stopped
e) forced
f) convinced

Answer: a)

Q14. Fill in the blank: I am a good dancer, but she is _____ than me.

a) better
b) best
c) more good
d) graceful
e) the worst
f) good

Answer: a)

Q15. Replace the underlined words with a correct alternative: This is my notebook, and that one is your.

a) hers
b) yours
c) mine
d) their
e) my
f) there

Answer: b)

Q16. Fill in the blank: “Where _____ is a will, _____ is a way.”

a) there
b) their
c) they are
d) it
e) this
f) that

Answer: a)

Q17. Which of the following statements is correct:
A. The gold is a precious metal.
B. Gold is a precious metal.
C. I have won the gold medal.
D. I have won gold medal.

a) A, B
b) B, D
c) A, C
d) B, C
e) A, B, C
f) A, C, D

Answer: b)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 5 Quiz solutions

Q18. Which part of the given sentence contains an error?
“(1) She has went to/ (2) her cousin’s place/ (3) to discuss/ (4) an important family matter.”

a) 4
b) 2 and 3
c) 3
d) 3 and 4
e) 2
f) 1

Answer: f)

Q19. “I know grammar by ear only, not by note, not by the rules.” Who said this?

a) Mark Twain
b) Lewis Carroll
c) Bruce Lee
d) Charles Dickens
e) J. K. Rowling
f) Alice Walker

Answer: a)

Q20. Match the following:

a) (i)-(3), (ii)-(2), (iii)-(1), (iv)-(4)
b) (i)-(1), (ii)-(2), (iii)-(4), (iv)-(3)
c) (i)-(3), (ii)-(1), (iii)-(2), (iv)-(4)
d) (i)-(4), (ii)-(3), (iii)-(1), (iv)-(2)
e) (i)-(3), (ii)-(4), (iii)-(2), (iv)-(1)
f) (1)-(3), (ii)-(1), (iii)-(4), (iv)-(2)

Answer: c)

Q21. The article “an” is used before a word that begins with a consonant sound.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b)

Q22. “The German” refers to the name of a country.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b)

Q23. “I did not bought any red pens” is a grammatically correct sentence.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b)

Q24. “Which” and “that” can both be used to give information in sentences. “That” is used in non-defining clauses where the extra information is put within commas.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b)

Q25. With either-or/neither-nor, the verb takes the singular or plural form, depending upon the subject closest to the verb.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a)

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