Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality | NPTEL 2022 | Week 0 quiz solutions

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Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 0 Quiz Solutions

Q1. Which of the following are the examples of Soft Skills?

a) Time Management
b) Knowing how to control anger
c) Stress Management
d) Academic Intelligence
e) Computer Skills
f) Self-Confidence

Answer: a), b), c), f)

Q2. Which of the following qualities enhance one’s personality positively?

a) Healthy Sleep Routine
b) Aggression
c) Healthy Eating Habits
d) Assertiveness
e) Dominance
f) Lack of Patience
g) Punctuality

Answer: a), c), d), g)

Q3. Choose from among the following some of the qualities of a confident public speaker:

a) Maintaining eye-contact
b) No interaction with the audience
c) Speaking too softly
d) Using humour to engage the audience
e) Aggressive hand movement
f) Appropriate greeting

Answer: a), d), f)

Q4. How can one enhance one’s interpersonal skills?

a) Respecting others’ opinion
b) Narcissistic evaluation of ideas
c) Active listening
d) Self-reflection
e) Apologetic behaviour
f) Constant interruption when others are speaking
g) Rigid and cold attitude

Answer: a), c), d)

Q5. Which of the following is true about Soft Skills?

a) They can be developed with time
b) People are born with excellent soft skills
c) They are not an important part of life
d) They are essential for one to succeed in life
e) They can be replaced with more Hard Skills
f) They facilitate a holistic development of personality

Answer: a), d), f)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 0 quiz Solutions

Q6. A person is considered a good or active listener if s/he:

a) Notes down important points
b) Interrupts the speaker for clarification
c) Is respectful towards the speaker
d) Does not indulge in self-talk
e) Does not acknowledge the speaker

Answer: a), c), d)

Q7. In order to succeed in life, one should develop a mindset that:

a) Limits experiences
b) Motivates growth
c) Welcomes challenges
d) Is self-isolating
e) Cannot be changed
f) Allows constant learning
g) Disregards others

Answer: b), c), f)

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 0 Quiz solutions

Q8. Which of the following are the characteristics of good Time Management skills?

a) Planning in advance
b) Not prioritising one’s tasks
c) Being interrupted by distractions
d) Choosing the right activities at right time
e) Taking appropriate and timely breaks
f) Scheduling tasks on the basis of personal enjoyment only

Answer: a), d), e)

Q9. Being polite and friendly means the following, except:

a) Welcoming different opinions and ideas
b) Submissively accepting everything
c) Not voicing one’s opinion
d) Sacrificing one’s needs in order to please people
e) Being an active listener
f) Demonstrating concern and interest
g) Showing disrespect in case of differences and conflicts

Answer: b), c), d), g)

Q10. Rima is often preferred over Raj for her excellent soft skills. She speaks politely and assertively and manages her time well. She also deals with conflicts and failures with dignity, while Raj:

a) Negotiates aggressively in times of crisis
b) Keeps getting demotivated by criticism
c) Understands the value of people skills
d) Avoids and disregards any kind of criticism
e) Learns from his mistakes and strengthens his mindset

Answer: a), b), d)

Q11. Which of the following is not an example of Soft Skills?

a) Tolerance
b) Trustworthiness
c) Technical Excellence
d) Time Management

Answer: c) Technical Excellence

Q12. Both good and bad habits:

a) Are inherent
b) Can be modified and imbibed over time
c) Easily acquired and disposed of
d) Are a matter of nothing but family background

Answer: b) Can be modified and imbibed over time

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 0 Quiz solutions

Q13. How can one positively demonstrate interest in a conversation?

a) By constantly interrupting the speaker
b) Avoiding eye-contact
c) Leaning in
d) Maintaining a blank face

Answer: c) Leaning in

Q14. Which of the following is important to develop a healthy and happy way of living?

a) Positive Thinking
b) Dominance
c) Escaping conflicts
d) Avoiding People

Answer: a) Positive Thinking

Q15. One should use one’s time effectively:

a) To make more and more time for sleep
b) To be productive
c) To delay one’s goals
d) Without taking any breaks

Answer: b) To be productive

Q16. Soft skills for non-verbal communication cannot be cultivated.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b) False

Q17. Soft Skills can also be called People Skills.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality NPTEL 2022 Week 0 Quiz solutions

Q18. Habits take time to be developed.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

Q19. One should always try to get one’s way in an argument.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b) False

Q20. Emotional Intelligence is a component of Soft Skills.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

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