ULTIMATE Graphic Design Quiz

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ULITMATE Graphic Design Quiz

Q1. Why are logo designs ideally created with a vector format?

a) Because the file size will be lower
b) Because the logo becomes scalable
c) Because vector designs are quicker to make
d) Because logo designs are easier to design in with vectors

Answer: b) Because the logo becomes scalable

Q2. RGB is to ppi, as CMYK is to _____ ?

a) Print
b) Screen Resolution
c) Pixels Per Inch
d) Dots Per Inch

Answer: d) Dots Per Inch

Q3. Which file format will give you the best resolution with a clear background on the web?

a) .png
b) .jpg
c) .ai
d) .psd

Answer: a) .png

Q4. What is the preferred file format for print graphics?

a) JPG
b) PSD
c) AI
d) PDF

Answer: d) PDF

Q5. What is the placement of graphics and text on a design known as?

a) Composition
b) Alignment
c) Organisation
d) Print Design

Answer: a) Composition

Graphic design quiz

Q6. In Adobe Illustrator, what is the keyboard shortcut for ‘outline mode’?

a) cmd / ctrl O
b) cmd / ctrl U
c) cmd / ctrl Y
d) cmd / ctrl E

Answer: c) cmd / ctrl Y

Q7. When adjusting and varying such things as size, color, thickness and shape, what design principle are you utilizing here?

a) Repetition
b) Contrast
c) Alignment
d) Flow

Answer: b) Contrast

Graphic design quiz

Q8. What theory in graphic design tries to determine a viewers eye movement on a design?

a) Flow
b) Movement
c) Repetition
d) Emphasis

Answer: a) Flow

Graphic design quiz

Q9. What is a set of characters including letters, numbers and punctuation known as?

a) Typeface
b) Font
c) Font Family
d) Letter Group

Answer: b) Font

Graphic design quiz

Q10. What are colours directly opposite of each other on the colour wheel known as?

a) Monochromatic
b) Analogous
c) Complimentary
d) None of these

Answer: c) Complimentary

Graphic design quiz

Q11. If you intend to work on photo-manipulation, which program would be most ideal?

a) Illustrator
b) InDesign
c) Photoshop
d) Coral Draw

Answer: c) Photoshop

Q12. Which of these examples is a serif font?

a) Times New Roman
b) Helvetica
c) Aileron
d) Lemon Milk

Answer: a) Times New Roman

Q13. For a design that has the dimensions of 800cm x 600 cm, what resolution would be most ideal?

a) 300ppi
b) 160ppi
c) 20ppi
d) 600ppi

Answer: c) 20ppi

Q14. In general terms, which of these categories of font would be the least legible?

a) Decorative
b) Serif
c) Sans Serif

Answer: a) Decorative

Graphic design quiz

Q15. Which type of balance branches out from a central point?

a) Centred
b) Radial
c) Symmetrical
d) Asymmetrical

Answer: b) Radial

Q16. If you are intending to print a large document with multiple pages, which document should you use?

a) Adobe Illustrator
b) Adobe InDesign
c) Adobe Photoshop

Answer: b) Adobe InDesign

Q17. What is the term given to a typographic characters width or thickness?

a) Line
b) Ascender
c) Weight
d) Curvature

Answer: c) Weight

Q18. If you make a design while using the fonts Aileron Light and Aileron Black, what are you going to achieve?

a) Contrast
b) Balance
c) Rhythm
d) Flow

Answer: a) Contrast

Q19. What is the term for paragraphs of text on a design?

a) Footer Text
b) Header Text
c) Body Text
d) Filler Text

Answer: c) Body Text

Q20. True or false, Adobe Photoshop doesn’t have built in bleed settings?

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

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