This set of HTML questions focuses on the HTML Basics. Firstly, you will have to read all the questions and after that select the appropriate option. Moreover, only one option will be correct out of the four given. If you fail to select the correct option, don’t worry, you can try again at the end. You can use Previous and Next button to switch to a different set of questions.

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HTML Basics

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HTML stands for hyper text markup language.

There are total 6 headings from h1 to h6.

<h1>, <h2>, <.h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>, <h7>

Tag for largest heading: <h1>

Tag for paragraph: <p>

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#1. Full form of HTML_____

#2. What indicates the content in file is HTML when delivered on the network.

#3. What should be the first tag in any HTML document?

#4. Which of the following are table tags?

#5. XHTML is case insensitive and HTML is case sensitive.

#6. Choose the correct statement.

#7. HTML and XHTML stands for ______

#8. Which of the following is not a difference between HTML and XHTML?

#9. What tag is used to display a picture in a HTML page?

#10. State whether the given statement is true or false. !DOCTYPE is case sensitive”.



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