This set of multiple choice questions focuses on the Basics of C++ Programming. Firstly, read all the questions and after that select the appropriate option. Moreover, each question contains four options, out of them only one option will be correct. If you fail to select the correct option, don’t worry, you can try again at the end. You can use Previous and Next button to switch to a different set of questions.

In the last set of MCQs, we were introduced to C++ Basics. There, we have discussed some questions.

Now, in this set again, you will find some more questions on C++ Basics.

c++ basics

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#1. Which function is used to read a single character from the console in C++?

#2. A C++ code line ends with ___

#3. Which function is used to write a single character to console in C++?

#4. While redefining a virtual function in the derived class, if its prototype is changed then _________

#5. Operators that cannot be overloaded in C++ are
i) Member access operators ( . And .* )
ii) Conditional operator ( ? : )
iii) Scope resolution operator ( : : )
iv) Size operator (sizeof)

#6. A class can contain objects of other classes and this phenomenon is called______

#7. Object based language differs from object oriented language as it does not support features _____
1. Encapsulation
2. Inheritance
3. Dynamic Binding
4. Abstraction
5. Polymorphism

#8. _____ function is used to allocate space for array in memory.

#9. In C++, the keyword void was used ___

#10. Which operation is used as Logical 'AND'



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