This set of HTML questions focuses on the HTML Hyperlink Firstly, you will have to read all the questions and after that select the appropriate option. Moreover, each question contains four options, out of them only one option will be correct. If you fail to select the correct option, don’t worry, you can try again after attempting all the questions. You can use Previous and Next button to switch to a different set of questions.


In the last set of MCQs, we were introduced to HTML Hyperlink. There, we have discussed some questions. Now, in this set again, you will find some more questions on HTML Hyperlinks.

TEST INSTRUCTIONS: Click on options to see the answer.

Now, start attempting the quiz.

#1. By default, the link in HTML is red and underlined when the link is __

#2. Value of Attribute "href" is also called as __________ of the Destination Web Page.

#3. Which of the following is incorrect value provided to "rel" attribute of Anchor Tag ?

#4. Which one of the following value of target attribute opens the linked url in a new tab?

#5. URL in HTML stands for _____

#6. Which of the Attribute(s) Cannot be Present if the href attribute is not present ?

#7. ____ attribute specifies what media/device the linked document is optimized for ?

#8. ______ attribute is used to specify MIME type of linked document ?

#9. Which of the following is used to open document in new window ?

#10. Which attribute is used to give destination address in <a> tag of HTML?



If you scored less. Don’t worry! You can attempt any number of times.

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