HTML MCQ : FRAMESET (Multiple Choice Questions)

In the last set of MCQ’s, we have seen the questions on HTML5 Audio & HTML5 Video. Now, this set of HTML questions focuses on the HTML Frameset. First, read all the questions and after that select the appropriate option. Moreover, each question contains four options, out of them only one option will be correct. If you fail to select the correct option, don’t worry, you can try again after attempting all the questions. You can use Previous and Next links to switch to a different set of questions.

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HTML frameset


TEST INSTRUCTIONS: Click on options to see the answer.

Now, start attempting the quiz.

#1. A group of frames is called as ___

#2. Which from the following is not a type of screen frames in HTML

#3. Which tag embed an inline frame in a web page?

#4. What is the use of iframe in HTML?

#5. Which of the following is a tag used in the creation of a frame definition file?

#6. The ____ attribute in frame tag specifies the web page to load into that frame.

#7. What does the tag <NOFRAMES> do?

#8. Which of the following is not the value for frame attribute?

#9. Which attribute of the frameset tag creates two horizontal frames?

#10. Which tag is not included in a frameset page?

#11. The ___ tag and ___ attribute are used to force all links in a page to load in a particular frame.

#12. The __________ attribute lets you turn off scrolling in a frame.

#13. Which inline function embeds an independent HTML document into current document?

#14. The __________ attribute indicates the number of columns in a frameset.

#15. The __________ attribute indicates the number of rows in a frameset.



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