UML – UML Building Blocks

Before learning about Building Blocks of UML, you need to have some basic understanding of these topics:

What is UML and its diagram types?


If you want to know more about UML, explore these topics too:

In this post, we are concentrating on the basic building blocks of UML:-

As UML describes the real-time systems, it is very important to make a conceptual model and then proceed gradually. The conceptual model of UML can be mastered by learning the three major elements. So, we are having the conceptual model means the abstraction of the model and from the conceptual model we are going to develop our UML model. Now, what are the three major elements are there-

  1. UML building blocks
  1. Rules to connect the building blocks
  1. Common mechanisms of UML

The building blocks of UML can be defined as:

  1. Things
  1. Relationships
  1. Diagrams

Let’s start with the first building block i.e., Things.


  • Structural
    • Class
    • Interface
    • Collaboration
    • Use Case
    • Component
    • Node
  • Behavioral
    • Interaction
    • State machine
  • Annotational
  • Grouping
    • Package


  • Dependency
  • Association
  • Generalization
    • Stereotypes
    • Tagged values
    • Constraints
  • Realization (Extensibility)

Generalization is nothing but the inheritance and realization means there is extensibility.

UML Diagrams:

If we go for the diagrams so there are the list of diagrams we are having. How many diagrams we are having? We are having 9 distinct diagrams.

  • Class diagram
  • Object diagram
  • Use case diagram
  • Sequence diagram
  • Collaboration diagram
  • Activity diagram
  • Statechart diagram
  • Deployment diagram
  • Component diagram

The Deployment diagram and Component diagram are coming under one head known as the Implementation diagram

The sequence diagram and collaboration diagram are coming under one head that is known as the Interaction diagram

Each and every diagram has got its own role to play. So, they are not alike to each other. None can replace any other diagram. So that’s why all these diagrams existing side beside.

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