Cloud Computing | NPTEL 2022 | Week 12 Assignment Solutions

Cloud Computing NPTEL assignment answers

This set of MCQ(multiple choice questions) focuses on the Cloud Computing NPTEL 2022 Week 12 Assignment Solutions.

Cloud computing is a scalable services consumption and delivery platform that provides on-demand computing service for shared pool of resources, namely servers, storage, networking, software, database, applications etc., over the Internet. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, which can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort. This course will introduce various aspects of cloud computing, including fundamentals, management issues, security challenges and future research trends.

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Cloud Computing NPTEL 2022 Week 12 Assignment Solutions

Q1. The key features of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) for 5G networks include

a) Reliability improvement
b) Sharing of resources
c) Offloading data processing
d) Mitigating network traffic congestion

Answer: a), b)

Q2. Cyber-physical system is all about _____________ of the physical and the cyber.

a) Union
b) Intersection
c) Segregation
d) None of above

Answer: b) Intersection

Q3. Cloud computing services provide a flexible platform for realizing the goals of Cyber-Physical systems.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

Q4. The advantage(s) of Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing is(are) as follows

a) Modular composition
b) Multi-Tenancy
c) Data flow
d) Reliability and resiliency

Answer: a), d)

Q5. A ___________ is a trace generated by a moving object in geographical space, usually represented by a series of chronologically ordered points.

a) Time series
b) Road map
c) Spatial trajectory
d) Spatial crowdsourcing

Answer: c) Spatial trajectory

Cloud Computing NPTEL week 12 Assignment Solutions

Q6. Limitation(s) of IoT devices is(are)

a) Containerization
b) Storage
c) Processing
d) Power requirement

Answer: b), c), d)

Q7. Which of the statement is(are) true with respect to Spatial cloud
Statement 1: It does not support shared resource pooling which is useful for participating organizations with common or shared goals
Statement 2: Spatial cloud provides infrastructure requirement that is based on application, with nothing to purchase. This leverages the scalability of the application.

a) Only statement 1 is true
b) Only statement 2 is true
c) Both statements are true
d) None of the statements is true

Answer: b) Only statement 2 is true

Cloud Computing NPTEL week 12 Assignment Solutions

Q8. Customized wearable devices for collecting health parameters are the best examples of

a) IoHT
b) Fog devices
c) Fog-Cloud interfaced
d) Cloud-Fog-Edge-IoHT

Answer: d) Cloud-Fog-Edge-IoHT

Cloud Computing NPTEL week 12 Assignment Solutions

Q9. The cyber-physical system involves transdisciplinary approaches, merging the theory of cybernetics, mechatronics, design, and process science.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

Q10. 5G network technology has proven to offer a theoretical download speed of 1Gbit/s.

a) True
b) False

Answer: b) False

Cloud Computing NPTEL week 12 Assignment Solutions

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