Soft Skills | NPTEL 2022 | Week 0 Assignment Solutions

soft skills nptel assignments

This set of MCQ(multiple choice questions) focuses on the Soft Skills NPTEL 2022 Week 0 Assignment Solutions.

Soft Skills, a buzz word today, has attracted the attention of students, professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world. Every individual wants to get a coveted job. In a fast changing world, it’s important to prove multiple skills in different situations. The course aims at creating awareness among the stock holders of the corporate world in which the role of individuals as team players and also as responsible leaders materializes to a great extent.  The course, with its interactive and need based modules, will  address various challenges of communication as well as behavioural skills  faced by individuals at workplace and organizations in  bridging the gaps through  effective skills of interviews, group discussions, meeting management, presentations  and nuances of drafting various  business documents  for sustainability in today’s global world.

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Soft Skills NPTEL 2022 Week 0 Assignment Solutions

Q1. Which of the following is not the part of Adler’s Personality Theory?

a) Social interest
b) Striving for inferiority
c) Style of life
d) Inferiority feelings and compensation

Answer: d) Inferiority feelings and compensation

Q2. Which of the option below is not the part of Group Communication?

a) Meeting
b) Gossiping
c) Classrooms
d) Discussions

Answer: b) Gossiping

Q3. Who is the author of “The Power of Positive Thinking”?

a) Norman Vincent Peale
b) William James
c) Dr. Eric Berne
d) Michel Foucult

Answer: a) Norman Vincent Peale

Q4. Which of the following is not associated with the intimacy in a Telephonic Conversation?

a) Use of your voice
b) Use of your sentences
c) Use of proper vocabulary
d) Use of your charming personality

Answer: d) Use of your charming personality

Q5. Is it better to continue the communication by leaving a voicemail?

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

Soft Skills NPTEL week 0 Assignment Solutions

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