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soft skills nptel assignments

This set of MCQ(multiple choice questions) focuses on the Soft Skills NPTEL 2023 Week 3 Assignment Solutions.

Soft Skills, a buzz word today, has attracted the attention of students, professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world. Every individual wants to get a coveted job. In a fast changing world, it’s important to prove multiple skills in different situations. The course aims at creating awareness among the stock holders of the corporate world in which the role of individuals as team players and also as responsible leaders materializes to a great extent.  The course, with its interactive and need based modules, will  address various challenges of communication as well as behavioural skills  faced by individuals at workplace and organizations in  bridging the gaps through  effective skills of interviews, group discussions, meeting management, presentations  and nuances of drafting various  business documents  for sustainability in today’s global world.

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Soft skills NPTEL 2023 week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q1. When a Japanese woman smiles, she puts her hands or palms on the mouth because it is considered ____________ to smile in public.

a) inappropriate
b) ethical

Answer: a)

Q2. Haptics is a ______ word which means ‘I Touch’.

a) Latin
b) Greek

Answer: b)

Q3. To listen properly the factor of __________ should be avoided.

a) Cognitive dissonance
b) Implicitness

Answer: a)

Soft skills NPTEL 2023 week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q4. Meta-communication is an __________ meaning by choice of words, tone of voice, fumbling, silence, or omission.

a) implied
b) explicit

Answer: a)

Q5. “Lying is done with words and also with silence.” This statement is given by _______.

a) Hemingway
b) Andrienne Rich

Answer: b)

Q6. In written communication ‘silence’ may be shown through _______.

a) Exclamation Mark
b) Prosody
c) Punctuation
d) Semi Colon

Answer: c)

Soft skills NPTEL 2023 week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q7. Under proxemics, space zones have been defined in terms of distance. What should be the distance in social communication?

a) 4 to 12 feet
b) 9 to 18 feet
c) 18 inch to 4 feet
d) 15 to 20 feet

Answer: a)

Q8. Which among the following is true about listening?

a) All hearing is listening.
b) All listening is not hearing.
c) All hearing is not listening.
d) Listening does not need any extra effort.

Answer: c)

Q9. Which among the following is correct about the difference between silence and pause is ?

a) Pause is longer; silence is shorter.
b) Pause is shorter; silence is longer.
c) Pause is verbal; silence is non-verbal.
d) A pause allows the listener to give feedback while silence doesn’t.

Answer: b)

Soft skills NPTEL 2023 week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q10. Listening is an art that needs to be learned through the process of learning. Which among the following is/are necessary to learn the art of listening?

a) Filtering
b) Interpreting
c) Both A&B
d) Only B

Answer: c)

Q11. Who said it about listening, “I like to listen. I have learnt a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen”?

a) Sigmund Freud
b) Andrienne Rich
c) de Bano
d) Hemingway

Answer: d)

Q12. What is true about perceptive listening?

a) Listener can concentrate more on replying while listening to the message.
b) The efforts need to be cognitive.
c) It is not different from hearing.
d) Listener has to be attentive throughout the process.

Answer: b), d)

Q13. What among the following are internal factors related to active listening?

a) Style
b) Prejudice
c) Language
d) Ethics

Answer: b), c)

Soft skills NPTEL 2023 week 3 Assignment Solutions

Soft Skills NPTEL 2022 Week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q1. The study of mental space during a communicative situation is called Proxemics. 

a) True
b) False

Answer: b) False

Q2. In Thailand and Laos, it is rude for a stranger or acquaintance to touch a child on the top of the head.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

Q3. In meta-communication meaning is restricted only to words.                                

a) True
b) False

Answer: b) False

Q4. Effective Listening is different from hearing and it requires adequate practice.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

Q5. A good conversation is only where both the speaker and the listener come into a sort of symphony.

a) True
b) False

Answer: a) True

Soft Skills NPTEL week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q6. The study of time is called _____________. 

a) ergonomics
b) chronemics

Answer: b) chronemics

Q7. Meta-communication symbolizes _____________. 

a) partiality
b) neutrality

Answer: b) neutrality

Soft Skills NPTEL week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q8. Lying is done with words and also with __________________. 

a) lips
b) silence

Answer: b) silence

Soft Skills NPTEL week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q9. A successful communication is the result of shared assumptions and __________.

a) unspoken arguments
b) spoken words

Answer: b) spoken words

Q10. To which stage of Listening, does Interpreting belong?  

a) First
b) Third
c) Second
d) Fourth

Answer: b) Third

Soft Skills NPTEL week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q11. Which one of the following statements is/are most suitable for Combative listening?

a) Listening simply to promote/strengthen our own views
b) Listening to each and every word of the speaker
c) Listening to words and analyzing them simultaneously.
d) None of the above.

Answer: a) Listening simply to promote/strengthen our own views

Q12. Pick out the odd one which does not fall into the external factors that affect listening:

a) culture
b) space
c) noise
d) time

Answer: b) space

Soft Skills NPTEL week 3 Assignment Solutions

Q13. In the word Meta-Communication, what does “Meta” mean?

a) Nearby
b) Cease
c) Beyond
d) Imminent

Answer: c) Beyond

Q14. Which of the following does not fall under the High Context Culture?

a) France
b) China
c) Mexico
d) Greece

Answer: a) France

Q15. Which of the following is not symbolized by a handshake?

a) Animosity
b) Dominance
c) Submission
d) Equality

Answer: a) Animosity

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