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Deep Learning NPTEL week 7 answers

Q1. Select the correct option.

a) Layer-by-layer autoencoder pretraining reduces GPU/CPU RAM requirements
b) Layer-by-layer autoencoder pretraining alleviates slow convergence
c) Layer-by-layer autoencoder pretraining followed by finetunin converges to more optimal parameters than End-to-End training of autoencoders
d) All of the above

Answer: d)

Q2. Regularization of Contractive Autoencoders is imposed on

a) Jacobian matric of encoder activations with respect to the input
b) Weights
c) Inputs
d) Does not user regularization

Answer: a)

Q3. Select true statements about KL Divergence

a) Measures distance between two probability distribution
b) Has range from 0 to 1
c) Is a symmetric, i.e. KL(P|Q) = KL(Q|P)
d) None of above

Answer: d)

Deep Learning NPTEL week 7 answers

Q4. An overcomplete autoencoder generally learns identity function. How can we prevent those autoencoder from learning the identity function and learn some useful representations?

a) Stack autoencoder based layer-wise training
b) Train the autoencoder for large number of epochs in order to learn more useful representation
c) Add noise to the data and train to learn noise-free data from noisy data
d) It is not possible to train overcomplete autoencoder. It always converges to the identity function.

Answer: c)

Q5. In which conditions, autoencoder has more powerful generalization than Prinicpal Components Analysis (PCA) while performing dimensionality reduction?

a) Undercomplete Linear Autoencoder
b) Overcomplete Linear Autoencoder
c) Undercomplete Non-linear Autoencoder
d) Overcomplete Non-linear Autoencoder

Answer: d)

Q6. An autoencoder consists of 128 input neurons, 32 hidden neurons. If the network weights are represented using single precision floating point number (size = 4 bytes) then what will be size of weight matrix?

a) 33408 Bytes
b) 16704 Bytes
c) 8352 Bytes
d) 32768 Bytes

Answer: c) 8352 Bytes

Deep Learning NPTEL week 7 answers

Q7. Which of the following is used to match template pattern in a signal

a) Cross Correlation
b) Convlution
c) Normalized cross correlation
d) None of the above

Answer: a) Cross Correlation

Deep Learning NPTEL week 7 answers

Q8. What is the role of sparsity constraint in a sparse autoencoder?

a) Control the number of active nodes in a hidden layer
b) Control the noise level in a hidden layer
c) Control the hidden layer length
d) Not related to sparse autoencoder

Answer: a)

Q9. Which of the following is true about convolution?

a) Convolution is used to compute features from signal
b) Can be used to compute cross correlation between x(t) and y(t) if input signal x(t) is transformed to x(-t) and y(t) is used as filter
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

Answer: c) Both a and b

Deep Learning NPTEL week 7 answers

Q10. Which of the following is an LTI/LSI system? y and x are output and input respectively

a) y = m X x and n X x
b) y = m X x + c
c) y = m X x – c
d) y = m X x2

Answer: b) y = m X x + c

Deep Learning NPTEL week 7 answers

Deep Learning NPTEL Week 7 answers

Ans1. a)

Ans2. d)

Ans3. b)

Ans4. c)

Ans5. d)

Ans6. a)

Ans7. c)

Ans8. b)

Ans9. a)

Ans10. c)

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